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Dec 3, - Learn how to install and wire your car amplifier like a professional with that killer amplifier and are on your way to transforming your stock audio system into a mobile concert arena! . Depending on the location of the amp, you may need to remove the . Turn on your radio and set the gain on the amp.

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After market wires are thicker gauge because of the additional power the Amp pushes through.

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Attaching a sub without an amp is going to not work well. For one thing, its going to get jack for power.

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Not only is it going to be starved of power, but the bass gain is going to be way off. Your sub is going to try and create sounds it can't because you're not getting rid of the high frequencies with a cross over or amplifier.

It really isn't that bad.

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Replacing factory speakers is an easy and inexpensive route toward enhancing your ride's sound. But if you really want to make your buddies jealous, pair up those new speakers with an amp and subwoofer — all while keeping your dash radio in one piece.

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Every vehicle is different. So work with a professional who knows exactly what your car needs nesd how to install it — like us. Or trust these guys.

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There is one part of your system we always recommend you do yourself Do I just cut the kicker wire where I want to put the fuse. I always though these came connected.

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Any help will be appreciated. Im pretty sure this is what you do just not trying to mess up.

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Not sure if its as detailed as I though I was gonna make it but sure damn hard to take pictures of everything done. I still need some finished pictures of both amps.

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SilverBullet07Nov 15, Mar 3, Member: Great post used it last night to install my sub to my Stock HU. SilverBullet07Apr 11, Apr 21, Member: Do they make a specific type of RCA converter that will allow me to do this?

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FaxtoryApr 21, Oct 17, Member: SilverBullet07Apr 22, I think true audiophiles would be butthurt about not having the "right" signal delivery to the speakers. Just wondering if you had to do it over again with an extrawould you get the Digital Signal processor as opposed to the RCA converters?

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Well I always planned on buying a aftermarket headunit in the future. It sounds way better than zmp and I dont notice much about lose signal quality. Well if you don't like it you can always go best ios hookup other route SilverBullet07Apr 23, Pork PistolJul 31, Jan 9, Member: Here are the dimensions if anyone wants them.

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Jan 4, Member: I woke up one night thinking it could be done so hooj the seats still move forward and back and and recline. DalTeeDec 30, TruckyTruckDec 30, DalTeeDec 31, TruckyTruckDec 31, Aug 2, Member: Frank Binghamton, NY Vehicle: BerdineDec 31, Yes, but his profile says crewmax. Sorry didn't look at that.

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Sep 5, Member: I'm guessing these measurements for a single sub enclosure would work for someone wanting to put a duel subwoofer setup behind the back seats of their CrewMax? TuffTundraFeb 8, I know audio enhancer box is 50" dating sites mate1 for 2 subs.

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Few others are 48" wide. BerdineFeb 8,

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News:WARSURPiasziMs'SAVE "90% $ NAVY Al pact engine ever ass Amp. Gen. self-start" or continuous Built- adjustable pressure setting up to 47 lbs. er min.

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