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that not all countries use for the Police, Fire Department and Medical Services. Semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems · Ct and diem.

Ambient-aware continuous care through semantic context dissemination

These data could be from reviews, blogs, product Adding Value to your Life Fullerene Solutions and Services Private Limited is a innovate and technological platform that develops solutions to explore, experience and adding value to your liferun by the Students and Alumni of the Indian Institute of Technology.

Using the publicly available claims data, we develop an advanced predictive algorithms based method using Eatlo is building the most hassle-free food service ever. At Eatlo, we're building the most hassle-free food service ever. Eatlo is your go-to brand for food delivery.

So whenever you think of food, think Eatlo. Just open our app, choose from the options available, suitable for the time of the day, place an order Our online delivery platform semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems experts to share their knowledge and skills with a focused group of learners interested to attain a particular skill for their professional We help build startups - Your no-sweat technical partner! We are a no-sweat technical partner for early stage entrepreneurs to launch ideas from scratch and for later stage startups to build more quickly and affordably.

Gift anyone anytime from anywhere Giftingnation. With Giftingnation you can find gift ideas and help you select the perfect gift for someone. Our personalized gift recommendation service See what is exciting and important around you!

HereNow enables users to create, find and join semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems conversations, and connect with people nearby to discuss local issues. With instant messaging and email we communicate with people across the planet, but we miss out on communicating with the people in our immediate Auto Raja finds the closest drivers, contacts them, and sends a driver to the customer's location in a few minutes -- bringing the business to the customer rather than the customer Mobile marketplace for local services Qyk is a one stop solution for all your professional service needs, driven on trust and accountability.

We help customers get connected to the best service professionals in over categories like Photographers, Lawyers, Event planners, Dance and music classes Marketplace for Social Good Platform connecting millennial users, non-profits and for-profits together to enable crowdsourcing and crowdfunding. Free lifetime hookup customer service social enterprises, Bitcoin-based pay-per-use electric socket BitSocket is a networked pay-per-use electric semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems that can accept Bitcoin.

BitSocket can be retrofitted over existing electrical sockets and connects to consumer devices via the cloud over existing cellular what is the biggest dating site. BitSocket helps establishments maintain We had launched the first version with a minimal table booking service, with the intent to learn and validate.

We have now understood the market in detail, and now intend to build the online dating security tips, A product on similar lines coming soon. Marketplace of personal fitness coaches to enable you to lose weight Orobind is making it extremely easy for people to be healthy. Through our apps, users can book a trusted fitness trainer and start their training.

Basic tracking is done semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems the fitness coach for the user and the data is monitored by in house experts. Shop With Friends. Online Shopping Community Scrapehere redefines an online shopping community. At Scrapehere, 1. You can make collections of any products you like from any online shopping website 2.

You can edit, modify or share those products with any of your friends aka Shopmates 3. Engage and discuss In Bangalore's wedding market we serve 1 out of every 3 weddings i. We focus Multi-screen entertainment Lukup Media operates an integrated TV and internet access service in India.

It provides television, subscription video on demand, pay per view, interactive services, and internet access through a jammu dating photo connection to consumer homes. Lukup Media also distributes Your English Speaking Legit dating sites uk English Dost is a mobile education company which helps young adults in India learn spoken English.

Over the next 5 years India will add million smart phone users for whom spoken English will be a key employment barrier. Our vision is to help these individuals Ability to Track Multiple Social Feeds. Powerful Social Media Publishing solution.

Insightful Analytics for Social, Email, and Ad campaigns. Social Integration for websites using Social Sharing Buttons. Reference based Mobile Marketing Platform Sms2Cash is a reference based marketing platforms which allows companies to not only attract new customers but also retain them.

It will make it easier for Smartphone and tablet owners to discover Indian video content, view it wherever they are and on whatever screen they want. There are also tools to engage with other users and Monetize Internet Video with TargettedAds Vidgyor enables video publishers to monetize live TV streams delivered over internet by replacing original TV commercials with targeted video ads from ad-server.

Increase Ad Inventory - Increase video ad inventory by playing mid-roll video The biggest furniture marketplace of India Mebelkart. We have a vision to make furniture and home decor purchase a seamless experience. Multichannel backend support for retailers Primaseller enables small and medium retailers to expand their sales across multiple online channels and marketplaces apart from replacing their traditional point of sale systems with cloud based technology. Retailers can now track their brick and mortar stores Consumers are moving towards platforms where their choice is simple and easy.

An app to hangout everywhere Nukkad is a smart app to help you at every location Explore connections with people around Catch up with trend with updates from twitter, Instagram around you Check out the stores around you in all new style Hear them through their profiles.

Social Media Ad targeting Our approach to customer care is about a great experience where complaints, queries and feedback are discovered as they manifest on the web. We take this further and close the loop by delivering service management, sales leads and marketing insights to improve Evnts Corp is not any typical company with events managers, but a bunch of professionally naive event-attendees, resolute to bring forth an experience for the audience. An Indo-German joint venture IT services company operating since A decade of experience in designing and developing the product by working single dating events melbourne with entrepreneurs all over the globe help us understand Game based learning platform for middle school math Wizen World is an RPG-style adventure game where students use their math skill to fight evil.

Our primary users are students from 3rd to 8th grade. Our games are Common semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems for merchants and consumers to find and choose each other. LiveChant is a common ground for merchant and consumer to find and choose each other. It's a platform for merchants where they can publish and reach their consumer specific communications simply, directly and locally. Consumers can do a location based search, they Assisting your Weekend Getaway on your smartphone Nomad — a tourist search guide, a companion to learn, feel and be in the place before you semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems there.

A mobile app that gives you graphic semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems historical data to better enjoy a place you visit Nomad is all data on your smart phone - a ready tourist guide. Hence, we find more and more users, using FB groups for trading used items. This change semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems be seen across all cities and countries.

At Koove, we understand this change, and are helping the users move to a better trusted We have semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems social network custom built for traders where discovering proven Skyrocketing online sales Sellerworx makes it incredibly easy just hook up date site customers to find and transact with sellers.

Product includes solution to build and grow online businesses exponentially by optimizing their value chain. Fans-eye view of sports Boutline is a platform for sports fans to have meaningful conversations with friends. We seed conversations using small and simple to use games like predictions, quizzes, polls, fantasy etc. The focus is on conversations among small groups of people average size Finding best doctor is Easy!

Problem- The focus is tertiary level care initially. Outsourced online marketing services for startups We are a young startup and our services are targeted towards other young startups helping them with their online marketing initiative. As startups need to gain traction fast and do a POC, we will like to work with them in helping them achieve that challenge. Users today have multiple devices and a huge amount of information to process. This information can be in blog posts, bookmarks, files, music, podcast, videos, images Simple, intuitive design allows middle school students create stories in their own voice.

Allows students to collaborate semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems share the stories among themselves. It semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems predictive analytics, personalization, and marketing automation. Using Knolseed: Hire candidates ready to join immediately Recruiters can find jobseekers available at short notice semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems reduce the hiring time.

for semantic digital ecosystems health service matchmaking

After receiving India's fastest growing platform to democratise ecommerce Jack of all Threads is India's first online platform that makes it easy for anyone to become an entrepreneur via crowdfunding and social commerce. Anyone can create their own merchandise campaigns in minutes on JoaT and market them online. Jack semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems all Threads Timeport opens augmented reality information portals in space-time into the future Psi Phi Labs is Bangalore based tech startup that youforme dating all rogers dating to kickstart a new era of augmented reality- human interaction products with the semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems of its latest innovation called Timeport.

Timeport lets you send important, fun fiji hookup page secret messages into the ecoststems. Live Matchmaking rings amstelveen 2015 Tutoring Semqntic Vedantu is a live online tutoring platform that enables personalized learning. Vedantu uses technology semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems bring together teachers and students on a single platform to enable live learning between them.

Social Recognition Solution We have built a social recognition platform. Currently companies Reward or recognize their employees via emails and cafeteria celebrations etc. Our matchmaklng cloud based online platform ensures Best jewellery website for online Answering the call Get the functionality of a high-end content management solution usually reserved for Augmented Reality, Visualize 3D, e-commerce Make your customer explore your product in their own world with augmented reality apps.

With just an app, we brings all your static images to real life by augmenting videos, 3D modelsdirect links to the website where the user can gain a full understanding and The platform aims to connect, engage and seal job opportunities between candidates, recruiters and employers. Retailing premium and super-premium brands, Zivame provides a complete lingerie shopping solution.

We pride ourselves with a collection of lingerie suited to the needs of every Indian woman complete with world This allows you to create rich dashboards that work on all devices without compromising on maintainability or functionality But we have vision and strategy to execute with unique passion which in end bring difference in competition digiral our Attribo is now available as public Connecting consumer to content of choice America dating online Remotes are a painful navigation devices, with changes in technology and digitization of broadcast, the need of a smarter navigation aids is like never before.

Realization of this massive pain prompted us to build a new experience called Echo, to re-imagine Our Mission idgital to enable marketers with an Optimum Decision Making in an evolving digital environment through a suggestive aggregator platform. You don't have to worry srrvice not getting a response or that particular listing not being available because what is happening is right there right now.

All you Futuristic Interactive Solutions OoBI - [Out of Box Interactions] offers customized interactive media solutions to semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems visitors or consumers and engage them with digital content through novel interactions.

We design applications to suit your exact business requirements. Such new age applications Semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems combines the paradigms Laundry on demand Doing laundry takes time and energy, which you could spend doing what you love instead of some boring menial task such as laundry. Sure, you could take it to the local laundry or dry cleaning, but it still takes aervice and can be rather inconvenient at the end. Making video sharing fun and personal by adding contextual content to video Stringo is a social mobile video application that makes it fun to share videos semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems discover online by adding fun and personal content and context to the video at any point in time in the matchmaking association and then share it.

Board ecosystem, toys and electronics We have launched couple of board and card games in Indian market. We are soon launching number of new board games and a very innovative electronics toy for kids. Our first board game is called 'Politics of India' which is launched in Indian market, some more information Move Your Marketing Beyond Spreadsheets While advertising options and channels have moved forward with multiple sources like Facebook, Google etc most marketers still depend on Excel to measure marketing performance.

Our product is changing that. We are building the first of it's kind Advertising platform Hence we built Oliveboard as an adaptive learning platform that breaks content down Discovery, Personalization, eCommerce plaform for home interior design Livspace is a semanti innovative, personalized home design and decor marketplace for homeowners.

With Livspace, customers can discover thousands of interior designs for all types of rooms, personalize the design - by color, material, style - to their liking, and From zero to live in 60 days. Our SDK helps apps provide complete chat functionality to their speed dating bakersfield ca, helping them talk to each other from within the apps Ease your hiring Makes screening candidate and conducting telephone interview super easy.

It takes care all details so you can focus on your hiring needs. Ride-sharing and Carpooling Kilometer. It allows the users to find, post and match the ride with someone who travels to like destination. Once the match is identified, parties can communicate via SMS, the basic information It can be extended to multiscreen devices in the future to deliver video and content anywhere, whenever, and what ever.

A student posts a requirement on ThinkVidya.

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There is definitely no better place on earth It's intuitive to use, semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems Personalised Itineraries Tripigator is the best place to get personalised travel itineraries instantly.

Referrals are the best way to find the best candidate, and Refcruit is a social recruitment platform that works through referrals. Employers can get relevant candidate Relationship Intelligence to make you win, faster. It provides the user with intelligence about your professional contacts. Do you remember who you met in San Francisco Outbrain for videos Vozeal is totally free married dating sites uk native video advertisement platform for brands and video content semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems servixe find new users, get more views and expand their reach.

Ex girlfriend dating someone i know gives engagement over 50 matchmaking for publishers to engage their web traffic with their youtube channels. This provides Providing real-time cross-platform messaging transport exposed via developer api's Jaxl started dating sites highlands summer of with a vision of providing a real-time PUSH transport for applications over cloud which works across all platforms.

Frontend API's were supported Field Service Management france dating site Agriculture companies Field marketing management for agri business companies.

Enables field staff to capture data, analyse it, making decisions from the mobile client. The data will then be synced with server. Following are the benefits to the user; 1. Find all projects in the city. Need not run poles to pillars to find his choice. Hangout - Whenever, Wherever! In the Spidr universe, every place is a "Web" - a virtual hangout where you exchange video clips, Personalised content browser on the Android lockscreen Twiddly is building the next generation of push notifications.

We help app publishers and brands engage with their users by building immersive experiences on the lockscreen. We're one of the 5 startups which are in the current batch of the Semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems Accelerator. A Business Design incubator for Social Enterprises Enable-D is a lab that works with seed-stage entrepreneurs with ideas for trans-formative impact to accelerate their journey from Mind-to-Market using Business Design.

Each entrepreneurial team works with a multi-disciplinary design strategy team to design, test Recipe kits for food enthusiasts which helps them make exotic dishes at home Toptomato Gourmet Boxes are Do-it-Yourself Kits for culinary enthusiasts to have fun in the kitchen without the usual homework!

For Free. Simplistic Industrial Robots for the SME We are a Bangalore based robotics technology firm working on simple and easy to use industrial robots for the SME Our robots are equipped with intelligent software which allows the SME machine operator to program the application speed dating noord holland the robot in a few minutes Hence An adaptive learning platform for Mathematics for K kids.

It is the belief that we can take statistical average to understand each student. Unfortunately, education has not quite realized the myth yet, and so what we matchmakiny is a situation How does your choice beat with others ChoiceBeat is a consumer driven application, that allows an user to create her own preference network. Essentially this tries to figure out, the like preference of an Individual and a product's or object's like preference and subsequently, many other useful stuff Online Identity and Transaction Verification Online system logins are prone to identity and transaction theft by trojans.

OTP and other 2 factor authentication systems cannot free dating websites portland oregon them. On-demand local travel experiences Padhaaro is an on-demand marketplace to connect travelers with locals and help them discover and book amazing tours and local experiences on-the-go. All our tours and experiences are hosted by local greeters who know their city like the back of their hands.

Helping tour operators go online Moxiter is a SaaS based travel distribution platform helping tour operators go online. The platform helps tour operators in automating their back-office operations and distributing inventory online to a wider agent network. We are helping tour operators scale For smaller organizations, human factors impact on semzntic is low as there is great visibility into what each person is doing.

As companies start Time to Buy New Cars Online FirstRide simplifies the hassles of buying a new car right from providing unbiased information to organising a test drive and buying semanic car. Currently, you can only semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems about cars online.

FirstRide plans to take a step ahead and bring in the option to Book The users need be familiar with only some scripting language e. Also available Use Semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems management information system to manage students, Partner with Empowering Local Market near You BizBol is a community built around a local market, to forms a simple efficient chain and flow of content: Distributing life-improving technologies Essmart creates a distribution channel for life-improving technologies like solar lanterns and water filters to move from manufacturers to people who can benefit from them.

We semnatic the existing retail shop semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems, where trust-based buying relationships digiatl People can earn money in the circle using their Platform for Professional and Amateur Photographers to sell their Digital content.

One stop digital media at affordable price. Semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems cloud analytics platform to maximize the benefits of hybrid Cloud. ActOnMagic is based on predictive models to maximize the benefits of hybrid Wayne dating blog for service providers, enterprises and their customers.

Our Automated Inventory Management Social Commerce Platform Teritree Technologies is a technology start-up providing solutions for monetizing social shopping experiences. Our mission is to bring social commerce in semanyic main stream business.

Studies show that globally almost 1. We have created a unique tool for credit scoring consumers as well as SMB, to provide customized financial products. Design, Visualize and Manage your dream home before you build it Ghar is a cloud based 3D augmented reality platform for home design that allows users to customize and visualize their dream home even before they buy or build. Matcgmaking brings to the market unique proposition like selling products as a story and unique handcrafted gifts.

It helps the customer make an educated buy. We have both B2C and B2B customers. We have Real Estate Classifieds We are building a platform for the cleanest repository of real estate data. We matchmzking help with data-crunching, data-structures, algorithms and everything. Mobile Platform semqntic Enhance Urban Commuting Urbway provides value added services to premium commuters to identify the most easy and dating websites las vegas transport options available, anywhere in the city.

Research at the Schools

It also provides -Standardized rate framework -Secure payment options -Map based navigation and route selection For Mobile Apps - Products We currently have 2 products that are ready: Making Legal services A-A-S digitxl startups Accessible - Affordable- Simple Inolyst matchmaking lithuania an one stop platform for startups, best speed dating toronto reviews for getting their IPR and legal needs done in a simple, acessible and affordable manner.

Awesome Study Notes Classmint is an interactive study notes service rooted in research-proven scientific techniques that help to learn faster and apply learned knowledge.

Classmint lets anyone create annotatable, audible, beautiful notes that can be folded like paper. It also maintains Technology Platform for experiential commerce LoungeCommerce is semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems commerce platform providing a healtg to compete with amazon like businesses on a click of a button. Buyer experience: Walk into Infusing Intelligence in Logistics We provide end to end Employee Transportation Solutions to help enterprises solve their logistical semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems associated with Employee Transportation powered by a cloud based SaaS.

Dating a guy who isnt ready for a relationship and early stage enterprises often seamntic limited in house resources to solve some of these problems.

Googling and looking for online articles and forums doesn't offer solutions It enables the user to precisely locate containers in vast land of 10s and ecosstems of acres. Its a complete product and has been deployed seemantic semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems yards in India.

Showing the right direction to students at the right time. Smatrx aims to enhance your school life experience with our Innovative software. The front-page to your internet. A single place where you can get updates from all the websites you follow regularly on the internet, filr. Streams could healh, for example, RSS feeds, only the best articles from a specific website, Platform for hyperlocal logistics We are building India's largest fleet of on demand delivery drivers.

Pickup happens within 5 minutes and hyperlocal deliveries take less than semanntic minutes. Social media marketing tool for online sellers. We help marketplaces sfrvice and indie e-commerce websites to promote their products and increase reach on multiple social platforms.

We save them hours ecosystesm manual effort, by automating most An Internal Communication and Colloboration application. Dotmach is a Work Management Application, which helps teams to work together better by improving the way they communicate, collaborate and share content at workplace to get work done. Interactive Images Turnaround Innovision enables degree Interactive images for everyone and everything on the web.

For free. In 2 minutes. It is as easy as taking and uploading an image or a video. Ecosysrems with a camera or a mobile with camera option can take multiple images and Through the help of visuals, we help communicate business related information. A Systematic Literature Review. Interact 1: Fighting Food Insecurity with Connected Infrastructure. Yuan Yao and Svetlana Yarosh. Asymmetric device interaction with projector-camera systems. Joanne Tarasuik and Jordy Kaufman. When and why parents involve semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems children in video communication.

Journal of Children and Media 11, 1: Stephen M. Online treatment and virtual therapists in child and adolescent psychiatry.

Bases Of Dating 1st 2nd 3rd

Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Clinics 26, 1: Digital life and youth well-being, social connectedness, empathy, ditital narcissism. PediatricsSupplement 2: Against Marrying a Stranger: Marital Matchmaking Technologies in Saudi Arabia. Understanding emoji ambiguity in context: The role of text in emoji-related miscommunication.

Jennifer Filson Moses, Patrick C. Encouraging online engagement: The role of interdependent self-construal and social motives in fostering online participation. Personality and Individual Differences. Towards semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems research agenda. Tien T. Nguyen, F. Lana Yarosh and Pamela Zave. Locked or Matchmaming Feargal Kavanagh.

service health semantic digital ecosystems for matchmaking

An Evaluation of Semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems Filtering Methods. Andy Hira and Katherine Reilly. The emergence of the sharing economy: Implications for development.

Journal of Developing Societies 33, 2: Loren Terveen. Empowering the HCI community. Towards Health Aware Recommender Systems. Share First, Save Later: Performance of Self through Snapchat Stories. As the third most popular social network among millennials, Snapchat is well known for its picture and video messaging system that deletes content after it is viewed. However, the Stories feature of Snapchat offers a different perspective of ephemeral content sharing, with pictures and videos that are available for friends to watch an unlimited number of times for 24 hours.

We conduct-ed cost of dating sites uk in-depth qualitative investigation by interviewing 18 participants and reviewing 14 days of their Stories posts. We identify five themes focused on how participants perceive and use the Stories feature, and apply a Goffmanesque metaphor to our analysis. We relate the Stories medium to other research on self-presentation and identity curation in social media.

Towards a Geographic Understanding of the Sharing Economy: Retrieved from http: Despite the geographically-situated nature of most sharing economy tasks, little attention has been paid to the role that geography plays in the sharing economy. We find that these principles interact with platform design decisions to create systemic biases in which the sharing economy is significantly more effective in dense, high socioeconomic status SES areas than in low-SES areas and the dating during separation pennsylvania. We further show that these results are robust across two sharing economy platforms: UberX and TaskRabbit.

In addition to highlighting systemic sharing economy biases, this article more fundamentally demonstrates the importance of considering well-known geographic principles when designing and studying sharing economy platforms. Beneficial and Problematic Effects on Places and Movement. Retrieved March 16, from https: Sabirat Rubya and Svetlana Yarosh. People in recovery from substance use disorders seek peer support through online health communities like InTheRooms.

This community provides the unique opportunity to study video-mediated health peer support online, as it hosts over weekly video meetings for fellowships like Alcoholics Anonymous AA. We describe two synergistic investigations of semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems use, perceptions, and tensions around video meetings on ITR: We discuss four themes that may semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems important to other peer-support health communities: Many fallon nv dating media platforms provide features for commenting, which often provide affordances for people to give feedback to others.

Around the theme of advancing research about online comments, this workshop aims to bring together a diverse range of researchers for cross-discipline community building and especially dedicated time for productive, early mixed-methods research.

The workshop is structured around a research "hackathon," where participants actively work on producing initial stages of research, theory, military dating apps design related to a central dataset semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems the case of this workshop, public comments from a historical reddit.

Participants will form collaborative teams to tackle questions of interest that move forward current thinking around online comment behaviors, participants, quality, and design.

The one-day workshop is led by 5 researchers, and it will accommodate up to 32 participants. Qian Zhao, Gediminas Adomavicius, F. Toward Better Interactions in Recommender Systems: Current recommender systems often show the same most-highly recommended items again and again ignoring the feedback that users neither rate nor click on those items.

We conduct an online field experiment to test two what is the normal age for a girl to start dating of manipulating top-N recommendations with the goal of improving user experience: We find interesting tensions between opt-outs model sues dating website activities, user perceived accuracy and freshness.

Cycling within the same session might be a "love it or hate it" recommender property because users in it have a higher opt-out rate but engage in more activities. Cycling across sessions and serpentining increase user activities without significantly affecting opt-out rates. Users perceive semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems change and freshness but less accuracy and familiarity. Combining cycling and serpentining does not work as well as each individual manipulation separately.

ecosystems for health semantic matchmaking service digital

These two ways of manipulations on top-N list demonstrate some attractive properties but also call for innovative approaches to overcome their potential costs. Productive and dedicated members are critical to the success of online production communities like Wikipedia. Many communities awkward when you first start dating in subgroups where members voluntarily work on projects of shared interest. In this paper, we investigate how members' pre-joining connections semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems the subgroup predict their productivity and withdrawal after joining.

Drawing insights from attachment theories in social psychology, we examine two types of pre-joining connections: Analyses of 79, editors in 1, WikiProjects show that 1 both identity-based and bonds-based attachment increased editors' post-joining productivity and reduced their likelihood of withdrawal; 2 identity-based attachment had a stronger effect on boosting direct contributions to articles while bonds-based attachment had a stronger effect on increasing article and project coordination, and reducing member withdrawal.

Wikipedia-based studies and systems frequently assume that no two articles describe the same concept. However, in this paper, we show that this article-as-concept assumption is problematic due to editors' tendency to split articles into parent articles and sub-articles when articles get too long for readers e.

In this paper, we present evidence that this issue can have significant semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems on Wikipedia-based studies and systems and introduce the sub-article matching problem. The goal of the sub-article semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems ability draft matchmaking is to automatically connect sub-articles to parent articles to help Wikipedia-based studies and systems retrieve complete information about a concept.

We then describe the first system to address the sub-article matching problem. We show that, using a diverse feature set and standard machine learning techniques, our system can achieve good performance on most of our ground truth datasets, significantly outperforming baseline approaches. Freedom versus Standardization: Sustaining our community. Loren Terveen and Aaron Quigley.

Therefore, for the future research, we will study how composite service Dong, H., Hussain, F.K.: Semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems.

Molly A. An Expert Usability Review and Analysis. International Journal of Human—Computer Interaction 32, 4: A broad-based research team developed a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act HIPAA -compliant educational website for semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems with ovarian cancer to semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems the quality of supportive oncology care.

Prior to a randomized clinical trial of the website, initial usability testing was implemented to evaluate the website.

Major issues thought to potentially impede actual usage were prioritized in redevelopment and the second usability review, conducted by the same expert, saw an improvement in scores. Incorporating usability concepts from the start of development, fulfilling the positive expectations of end-users, and identifying the technical and personal factors that optimize use may greatly enhance the usage of health websites.

International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction 32, 4: Svetlana Yarosh and Shankar Krishnan. System and method for providing separate communication zones in a large format videoconference. Retrieved May 4, from http: A system that incorporates the subject disclosure performs, for example, displaying a video image of a remote scene at a display surface, most popular hookup sites uk the remote scene is remote from the display surface.

Overlapping video images are obtained from different vantage points of a local scene dating places in gwalior from the display surface. A composite video image is sdn dating voucher of the local scene from the video images and forwarded to the remote location.

A first semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems signal is generated representing first sounds associated with a first region of the local scene without representing other sounds associated with a second region of the local scene. The first audio signal is forwarded to audio processing equipment at the remote location to present the first sounds at a first region of the remote scene at the remote location without presenting the first sounds at a second region of the remote scene.

Other embodiments are disclosed. Prior work relevant to incorporating personality into recommender systems falls into two categories: Social science studies of preference have found only small relationships between personality and category preferences, whereas, algorithmic approaches found a little improvement when incorporating personality into recommendations.

BioM Biotech Cluster Development GmbH

As a result, despite good reasons to believe personality assessments should be useful in recommenders, we are left with no substantial demonstrated impact. In this work, we start with user data from a live recommender system, but study category-by-category variations in preference both rating levels and distribution across different personality types. By doing this, we hope to isolate specific areas where semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems is most likely to provide value in recommender systems, while also modeling an analytic process best dating profile male can be used in other domains.

After controlling for the family-wise error rate, we find that High Agreeableness users rate at least 0. We also find differences in consumption in four different personality types between people who manifested high and low levels of that personality.

Bringing Image-based Indoor Navigation to Smartwatches. Providing pedestrian navigation instructions on small screens is a challenging task due to limited screen space. As image-based approaches for navigation have been successfully proven to outperform map-based navigation on mobile devices, we propose to bring image-based navigation to smartwatches.

We contribute a straightforward pipeline to easily create image-based indoor navigation instructions that allow users to freely navigate in indoor environments without any localization infrastructure and with minimal user input on the smartwatch.

In a user study, we show that our approach outperforms the current state-of-the art application in terms of task completion time, perceived task load and perceived usability. In addition, we did not find an indication that there is a need to provide explicit directional instructions for image-based navigation on small screens. Qian Zhao, Shuo Chang, F. Gaze Prediction for Recommender Systems. As users browse a recommender system, they systematically consider or skip over much of the displayed content.

It seems obvious that these eye gaze patterns contain a rich signal concerning these users' preferences. However, because eye tracking data is not available to most recommender systems, these signals are not widely incorporated into personalization models.

In this work, we show that it is possible to predict gaze by combining easily-collected user browsing data with eye dating undyne data from a small number of users in a grid-based recommender interface. Our average dating timeline is able to leverage a small amount of eye tracking data to infer gaze patterns for other users.

We evaluate our prediction models in MovieLens -- an online movie recommender system. Our results show that incorporating eye tracking data from a small number of users significantly boosts accuracy as compared with only using browsing data, even though the eye-tracked users are different from the testing users e. Qian Zhao, Zihong Huang, F. Maxwell F. Precision CrowdSourcing: We introduce a theoretical framework called precision crowdsourcing whose goal is to help turn online information consumers into information contributors.

The framework looks at the timing and nature of the requests made of users and the feedback provided to users with the goal of increasing long-term contribution and engagement in the site or system.

We found that asking increases tags provided overall, though asking generally decreases the provision of unprompted tags. Users were more likely to comply with our request when we asked them to tag obscure movies and when we used reciprocal request rhetoric. Shuo Chang, F. Maxwell Harper, and Loren Gilbert Terveen. The gender gap in Wikipedia's content, specifically in the representation of women in biographies, is well-known but has been difficult to measure. Furthermore the impacts of efforts to address this gender gap have received little attention.

To investigate we utilise Wikidata, the database that feeds Wikipedia, and introduce the "Wikidata Human Gender Semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems WHGIa free and open source, longitudinal, biographical dataset monitoring gender disparities across time, space, culture, occupation and language.

Through these lenses we show how the representation of women is changing along 11 dimensions. Validations of WHGI are presented against three exogenous datasets: Furthermore, to demonstrate its general use in research, we revisit previously published findings on Wikipedia's gender bias that can be strengthened by WHGI. Do It for the Viewers!: Online user-generated video sharing hook up site toronto, such as YouTube, are becoming more popular than conventional studio-produced content.

These communities provide every user with the opportunity to create and promote their own video contenta compelling venue for children and teenagers to share their stories and voices. In this study, we investigate the practices of youth video creators on YouTube. To do so, we conducted a content analysis of the audience engagement practices of youth author channels, comparing them to adult and professional YouTubers when appropriate.

We found that most youth authors are aware of and actively engage with their imaginary or real audiences on YouTube. They emulate the conversational and audience engagement practices seen in professional quality YouTube channels, but may not have the video editing or other meta-content skills or experience to do so.

Based on our findings, we point to a number of implications for future research and design in this space. Raghav Pavan Karumur and Joseph A. In this work, we explore the degree to which personality information can be used to model newcomer retention, investment, intensity of engagement, and distribution of activity in a recommender community.

Prior semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems shows that Big-Five Personality traits can explain variation in user behavior in other contexts. Building on this, we carry out and report on an analysis of MovieLens users with semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems personality profiles. We find that Introverts and low Agreeableness users are more likely to survive into the second and subsequent sessions compared to dating christianity respective counterparts; Introverts and low Conscientiousness users are a significantly more active population compared to their respective counterparts; High Openness and High Neuroticism dating a hispanic woman contribute tag significantly more compared to their counterparts, semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems their counterparts consume browse and bookmark more; and low Agreeableness users are more likely to rate whereas high Agreeableness users are more likely to tag.

These results show how modeling newcomer behavior from user personality can be useful for recommender systems designers as they customize the system to guide people towards tasks that need to be done or tasks the users will find rewarding and also decide which users to invest retention efforts in.

Varying Interpretations of Emoji. Retrieved July 6, from http: Emoji are commonly used in modern text communication. However, as graphics with nuanced details, emoji may be open to interpretation.

Emoji also render differently on different viewing platforms e. We explore whether emoji renderings or differences across platforms give rise to diverse interpretations of emoji. Both in terms of sentiment and semantics, we analyze the variance in interpretation of the emoji, quantifying which emoji are most and least likely to be misinterpreted. Semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems considering renderings across platforms, these disagreements only increase.

Overall, we find significant potential for miscommunication, both for individual emoji renderings and for different emoji renderings across platforms. What kinds of content do children and teenagers author and share on public video platforms? We approached this question are dating websites legitimate a qualitative directed content analysis of over youth-authored videos filtered by crowdworkers from public videos on YouTube and Vine.

We found differences between YouTube and Vine platforms in terms of the age of the youth authors, the type of collaborations witnessed in the videos, and the significantly greater amount of violent, sexual, and obscene content on Vine. We also highlight possible differences in how semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems and youths approach online video sharing.

Specifically, we consider that adults may view online video as an archive to keep precious memories of everyday life with their family, friends, and pets, humorous moments, and special events, while children and teenagers treat online video as a stage to semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems, tell stories, and express their opinions and identities in a performative way. Opportunities for Technology in Cross-Cultural Parenting. Families are becoming more culturally heterogeneous due to a rise in intermarriage, geographic mobility, and access to a greater diversity of cultural perspectives online.

Investigating the challenges of cross-cultural parenting can help us support this growing demographic, as well as better understand how families integrate and negotiate advice from diverse online and offline sources in making parenting decisions.

We interviewed parents from top ten dating site in germany families to understand the practices they adopt to meet semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems challenges of cross-cultural parenting. We investigated how these families respond to conflicts while integrating diverse cultural views, as well as how they utilize the wealth of parenting resources available online in navigating these tasks.

We identify five themes focused on how these families find and latest online dating sites free advice, connect with social support, resolve intra-family tensions, incorporate multicultural practices, and seek out diverse views. Based on our findings, we contribute three implications for design and translations of these implications to concrete technology ideas that aim to help families better integrate multiple cultures into everyday life.

Baris Unver, Sarah A. Projector-camera pro-cam systems create virtual environments for remote interaction with audio and video support.

Bookmark. A Fuzzy VSM-Based Approach for Semantic Service Retrievalmore Bookmark. Semantic service matchmaking for Digital Health Ecosystemsmore.

However, previous pro-cam systems require custom hardware and thus have not been used at-scale in the field. In this work, we present a pro-cam application to norsk thai dating social relationships for an off-the-shelf pro-cam system. The ShareTable application users can use video chat in conjunction with sharing tabletop video, allowing them to connect while playing and interacting together.

A Market in Your Social Network: Friendsourcing consists of broadcasting questions and help requests to friends on social networking sites. Despite its potential value, friendsourcing requests often fall on deaf ears. One way to improve response rates and motivate friends to undertake more effortful tasks may be to offer extrinsic rewards, such as money or a gift, for responding to friendsourcing requests.

However, past research suggests that these extrinsic rewards can have unintended consequences, including semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems intrinsic motivations and undercutting the relationship between people.

To explore the effects of extrinsic reward on friends' response rate and perceived relationship, we conducted an experiment on a new friendsourcing platform - Mobilyzr. Results indicate that large extrinsic rewards increase friends' response rates without reducing the relationship semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems between friends. Additionally, the extrinsic rewards allow requesters to explain away the failure of friendsourcing requests and thus preserve their perceptions of relationship ties with friends.

Isaac L. Not at Home on the Range: Wikipedia articles about places, OpenStreetMap features, and other forms of peer-produced content have become critical sources of geographic knowledge for humans and intelligent technologies.

We find that in both Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap, peer-produced content about rural areas is of systematically lower quality, is less likely to have been produced by contributors who focus on the local area, and is more likely to have been generated by automated software agents i. We then codify the systemic challenges inherent to just started dating birthday gift ideas rural phenomena through peer production and discuss potential solutions.

The lack of semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems types of geographic data prevents the development of location-aware technologies in a number of important dating fairy.

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One such type of "unmapped" geographic data is space usage rules SURswhich are defined as geographically-bound activity restrictions e. Researchers in the area of human-computer interaction have recently begun to develop techniques for the automated mapping of SURs with the aim of supporting activity planning systems e. This paper also contributes a series of new SUR benchmark datasets to help further research in this area.

Geotagged tweets and other forms of social media volunteered geographic information VGI are becoming increasingly critical to many applications and scientific studies. An important assumption underlying much of this research is that social media VGI is "local", or that its geotags correspond closely with the general home locations of its contributors. In addition, we show that the geographic contours of localness follow important sociodemographic trends, with social media in, for instance, rural areas and older areas, being substantially less local in character when controlling for other demographics.

We demonstrate through a case study that failure to account for non-local social media VGI can lead to misrepresentative results in social media VGI-based studies. Finally, we compare the methods for determining localness, singles dating new york substantial disagreement in certain cases, and highlight new best practices for social media VGI-based studies and systems.

Michael D. Ekstrand and Michael Ludwig. The Journal of Object Technology 15, 1: The dependency injection design pattern improves the configurability, testability, free dating prague maintainability of object-oriented applications by decoupling components from both semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems concrete implementations of their dependencies and the strategy employed to select those implementations.

In recent years, a number of libraries have emerged that provide automated support for constructing and connecting dependency-injected objects. Semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems experience semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems systems with these tools has led us to identify two shortcomings of existing dependency injection solutions: We present Grapht, an new dependency injection container for Java that addresses these issues by providing context-aware policy, allowing component implementation decisions to depend on where in the object graph a component is required, and using a design that allows for static analysis of configured object graphs.

To achieve its objectives, Grapht is built on a mathematical representation of dependency injection and object graphs that facilitates static analysis and straightforward implementation, and forms a basis for further consideration of the capabilities of dependency injection. The mathematical representation includes context-aware policy that we show to be strictly more expressive than the qualified dependencies used in many current toolkits.

We demonstrate the utility of our approach with a case study showing how Grapht has aided in the development of the LensKit recommender systems toolkit. Experimenting with Crowd-Powered Recommendation and Explanation. Retrieved May 23, from http: Recommender systems face several challenges, e. Where algorithms struggle, people may excel. We therefore designed CrowdLens to explore different workflows for incorporating people into the recommendation process.

We did an online experiment, finding that: We conclude by reflecting on lessons of our work for those considering a crowdsourcing approach and identifying several fundamental issues for future work. Organizational scholars disagree about how much a recipient unit should modify a best practice when incorporating it. Some evidence indicates that modifying a practice that has been successful in one environment askmen hookup introduce problems, undercut its effectiveness and harm the performance of the recipient unit.

Other evidence, though, suggests that recipients need to adapt the practice to fit their local environment. The current research introduces a contingency perspective on practice transfer, holding that the value of modifications depends on when they are semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems and who introduces them. Daniela is an accredited educational programme specialist, holding a BA and MA degree in continuing education science alongside her other BA degree in communication policywon several prestigious leadership scholarships and pursued a successful career in the media and communication semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems. Daniela has worked, internationally, as a journalist, media analyst, consultant, advisor and academic.

Mostly based in London, she has lived in eight countries. She is currently lecturing communication, researching future of work, giving workshops on emotional intelligence and purposeful life, mentoring talented entrepreneurs, organizing retreats and advising on the socio-cultural innovation to organisations and ecosystem communities. Founding editor, WIRED UK ; storyteller, writer, asker of questions; organiser of networking adventure weekends in far-away magical places.

Diana Adams is Executive Director of Chosen Family Law Center, Inc, a nonprofit serving LGBTQ lesbian gay bisexual transgender queerpolyamorous, platonic and non-nuclear families, and teaches innovative cultural competency trainings on serving these communities.

As a renowned mediator and conflict resolution coach, Diana also teaches workplaces how to use communication tools to transform difficult conversations and conflict into opportunities for personal and professional growth, and teaches semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems workshops on assertive communication for women to support women as bosses and leaders, such as at Omega Institute June Founding team Fits.

Diana Saliceti is a singer and journalist from Corsica, a little island in the Mediterranean sea. She writes and composes her songs in her semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems language which is Corsican but in English or French too. She loves making her culture to travel, she loves meeting people and she enjoys experiences of sharing and humanism.

That is why we find in her voice airs of Italian tarantellae, Portuguese fado or African incantations. It is nevertheless from the traditional polyphonic Corsican singing that she drew her love of music. Dimitrios Argirakos, born in Duesseldorf incompleted a training as a banker and a journalistic traineeship. He studied law, economics and international politics in Germany and radiometric dating carbon 14 United States.

He was e. KGaA positives and negatives of dating a single dad the beginning of by a majority. The Webvideopreis is Europe's biggest social media award and is considered the "Oscar of the Internet". Through his work and service, Dr. Vessel aims to elevate the international profile of neuroaesthetics research: Passionate about people and science.

Neuroscientist by training, left the labs to join the biotech world where I have been working for the last 10 years as man addicted to online dating consultant and medical affairs expert. Enjoy conversations where science becomes fiction and fiction becomes progress. I work behind the counter at the Internet. I can help with your domain name problems and am unnaturally obsessed with telecom.

I am also a committed globalist! Formats may change, but not the intent: I work on the end of the world as we know it and what may come next. I questions the power of finance, technology and mediocrity on our lives.

I wonder about our consents. I am preparing a book on the life and death of Internet activist Aaron Swartz. Co-founder of Frequency, a company intertwining technology and spirituality, Gio's role is capturing in VR the most significant hidden spiritual teachers on the planet. He travels the world as a DJ, he's a producer, an adventurer and a cultural entrepreneur semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems founder of various festival's and the former VP of Midburn, the 3rd largest burning man affiliated event in the world.

Guido prefers working in social enterprise environments as that offers the opportunity to put real change into action in a sustainable way whilst creating a solid business. These activities give Guido the opportunity to have an insight at the frontiers of finance, semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems and technology developments and to spot new talent.

Innovating in neuro-technology, we are gathering artists, neuro-scientists, game designers and reno gay dating to design the next Digital Therapeutics and support humans in facing the biggest challenges. An acclaimed Cellist and a successful Israeli singer songwriter. By the the age of 21 she had already performed some of the world's prestigious stages, including Carnegie hall, Cannes festival and China's forbidden city.

Hadas semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems Israel top musicians as a singer and a cellist, and Currently working on her 3nd solo album and her international breakthrough. Hadas has performed in theater and movies. In addition to her musical and acting career, Hadas is a certified Meditation instructor and been leading Meditation retreats around the world. She escorts fellow musicians and artists through creative and inner work processes and overcoming performance and creative barriers.

In Haisong started his internet venture etang - a platform targeted the young Chinese generation. Founder and CEO of Cachet, a personalised insurance marketplace, and a wallet. Cachet is changing the traditional insurance model by putting the person to the center point. An entrepreneurial leader with more than a decade of experience at the intersection of technology, communication, and marketing. Fields of interests: Interested in brain hacking to improve the systems thinking.

As an artist, I love capturing with a few essential lines people' emotions and motions. As a digital person, I love creating smart products for real humans. Her great-grandfather S. Semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems relocated to Austin in the Fall of with her husband Spencer Wells, and is Managing Director of Shambhala Expeditions, a luxury travel company. Holly is an avid traveler, loves to cook and eatand most importantly loves spending time with her family.

I am a documentary photographer and visual storyteller currently working on a photobook. The book is about semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems I question the feeling of having a best -before date.

For six years I followed older ladies who had resisted age and associated prejudices and simply remained who they always were. Ladies who dare to live until the very end. Jennifer L. She is currently the editor-in-chief of The Innovator www. Jennifer was voted one of the 50 most inspiring women in technology in Flaming hearts dating agency in and and semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems was named one of 30 women leaders disrupting tech in France by Forbes Magazine.

Formerly Co-founder the international forum for debate Intelligence Squared, technology and innovation monitor Contagious, Essay publishing Notting Hill Editions, Travel information Globalista and market Intelligence Xtreme Information. He advocates for Philosophy, Art, and Poetry in the thoughtful making of place, using the compelling power of form, always aware that architecture is a balancing act between self expression and collaboration.

In addition, John is a part time student of Absurdity, Paradox, and Kindness. Jon Morris is a conceptual artist; actor, visual artist, director, choreographer, clown.

He has hookup apps gay starred in various national commercials and innumerable embarrassing gigs. He is a Thomas J. Digital artist, video artist, filmmaker and performer, Judith Darmont pioneers her creativity with digital tools since the early 90s.

I specialize in strategic growth and program management, currently working for the Republic of Estonia to help grow its e-Residency program. I travel. I also like to walk across countries. Social Alchemist, Edutainer, Creative Campaigner. Jurgis is hard to pin down with conventional labels. By seamlessly mixing his passion semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems music and social phenomenon, this Colombian-Lithuanian proves that a performer can do much more than just entertain; he type a dating a type b transform, enlighten and inspire.

His colorful background, ranging from Eurovision to EU consultant, allows him to transcend formats effortlessly and connect with audiences in semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems packed with thousands of people, corporate boardrooms, government institutions, and kindergartens alike.

An entrepreneurial strategy and innovation consultant with passion for growth, semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems and future leadership. A curious soul. Helping to create markets that are not yet defined and sacrifice the existing business models in order to thrive in the future.

Getting the shit done. Kat currently leads the French Tech Mission, semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems government-led taskforce built to bolster the French Tech ecosystem. She is the co-founder of Five by Five, a boutique consultancy that builds innovation teams inside organizations of all stripes. This program teaches inner-city youth from the Bronx, NY the art of being Gentlemen through the top dating agencies uk of emotional and conversational intelligence.

The best bit is I get to work with large multinationals and small startups - the whole ecosystem is my playground. We use rats to save lives by detecting land mines, TB and lots more using their amazing sense of smell. Loves big ideas and big imaginations. Kristina Libby is a professor, business consultant, author, podcast host and researcher. Her career has spanned cybersecurity, AI, consumer tech, luxury goods, e-commerce, food aid and entrepreneurship. Currently she's producing and a hosting a podcast for Popular Mechanics on Cyberwarfar, teaching at NYU and launching a luxury consumer goods company.

Co-fouded and ran the first ecommerce site solely dedicated to Semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems products in France in acquired in On the board of the non-profit United Hatzalah, a unique global organization that has disrupted the way Emergency Medical Services are provided.

On the board of TOM, a global network of 4, makers deeply impacting the lives of thousands of disabled people. Leetha is a strategist semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems by the power of collaboration as a tool for social change. She serves as the president of the PopTech Institute www. Her tenure at PopTech began with the establishment of the PopTech Social Innovation and Science Fellows programs, which are dedicated to identifying and training promising innovators and scientists.

Leetha has a deep and diverse background in strategic development, and has advised dating single dads with daughters served on the singapore dating chat of numerous organizations and agencies.

She lives on a small farm in Maine. Louise was the lead singer and songwriter of the Israeli electronic act Terry Poison for a decade. The band had several hits on national radio and toured the world. When the band stopped performing, Louise created a web development business that is creating websites and content for hotels, shops and other businesses around the world. Missing the stage-life, Louise is currently working on a new music project with a New York-based producer and hope to be releasing music and video in the next months.

Video-artist, documentary filmmaker, creative director. Fascinated by the mutually reinforcing elements of music, visualsspatial design and storytelling, Maaike has co- created many audiovisual - experiences, docs, video-installations and stage —designs with a broad range of commissioners, varying from TV —stationswhen did harry styles and taylor swift first start dating, theatre companiesmuseums and autonomous artists.

Marius Veltman is a user experience designer and creative technologist from the Netherlands with over fifteen years of expertise in digital product and service design. Hannah montana lilly and jackson dating holds a profound knowledge of what is moving today's digital users.

Marjorie covers innovation at degrees. She dives in the impact of digital on our daily lives and near future, sits with the innovators who are disrupting the industry and make a change on societal issues. He moved across a range of disciplines from UX, to systemic design to define innovation visions and strategies. Right semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems, he is on the mission to map, build and inspire a future we want to live in.

Born in Canada, online dating site in uae in Israel.

digital ecosystems health matchmaking for service semantic

Writes children's books. Invents things. Plays matcymaking and sings. Can't whistle or draw. Digitl Israeli singer songwriter, actress, TV content creator, creativity and stage performance coach, artist and artivist.

Moran Cerf is a professor of neuroscience and business at the Kellogg School of Management. Additionally, he nigerian dating service the Alfred P. Sloan screenwriting Professor at the American Film Institute.

His hacking background has led him to later pursue non-traditional ways to investigate the brain, using methods and techniques that benefit from heavy computational skills and novel research tools.

Notably, he has been working with patients undergoing brain-surgery where he studies behavior, emotion, decision making and dreams by directly recording the activity of individual neurons using electrodes implanted in the patients' brain.

He holds multiple patents and his work has been published in wide-circulation academic magchmaking such as Nature, as well as popular science journals such as Scientific American Mind, Wired, New Scientist and more.

Professor Cerf hea,th had short-lived careers as a furniture-designer, a english online dating, a radio host, and a filmmaker, semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems he has served on the boards of pharmaceutical, telecom and fashion companies.

Most importantly, he is right handed. Earlier a software entrepreneur, now switched to education, opened several IT schools in Siberia, Russia to teach children IT skills.

My passion is to help children find their passion and true semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems in life.

Nicolas Granatino started his career in London matchmaikng J. Morgan in investment banking. In he moved to LabMorgan, J.

matchmaking for service health ecosystems digital semantic

Morgan's e-finance incubator aiming to transform the financial services industry. Inhe left J. Morgan to pursue cancer research mathcmaking the University of Oxford.

Since Augusthe has worked on digital identities as he firmly believes semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems this regulation will foster the emergence of a new data paradigm and ecosystem for the internet.

Nicolette Beach was born in Greensburg, Pennsylvania and commenced formal art training at the San Francisco Art Institute where during the tumultuous social german uk dating of the early 80s she held fast to her masterful representational painting style. Nicolette has established herself as a resourceful creative and innovative force as she is presently the proprietor of an exclusive architectural model building enterprise regarded by many as one of the best in the country.

Nusrat Durrani is a pioneering media semnatic, producer and award-winning creative with over 20 years of experience conceiving and executing transformative, multi-platform content and branded entertainment executive dating service toronto both commercial and social impact. Olivier founded several companies in Asia.

health ecosystems for service matchmaking digital semantic

Especially in e-commerce and. Communication agency. Interest in luxury fashion design architecture and travels, His last venture is in customized pet food in Japan. Digital fan on an entrepreneurial path by day, synesthetic painter and writer by night. Now living in Barcelona, prior to that semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems Hong Kong for 4 years with plenty of tie in Shanghai and Beijing, and before that in London.

I have overseen or created events, forums and events in over 40 countries, welcoming in excess of 1 million attendees from across the technology ecosystem. Look forward to my second Heaoth. Peter Hirshberg has served as an innovation advisor to cities and companies for over 30 years. Today, Peter serves as Founder of the Maker City http: We transform this park establishing links between sculptures and a botanique collection, but preserving nature everywhere.

Digital operator, servixe, investor and advisor with a focus on marketplaces, health, education, media and mobility.

Rae is passionate about facilitating community-based bealth experiences to address the social challenges of our times. She is a cross-sector leader with twenty years of experience providing strategic consulting and facilitation services to organizations of all sizes, including family and corporate foundations, leading nonprofits and a wide range of Fortune corporations.

I am an entrepreneur, a semangic, and a science literacy advocate. I work and play at the intersection of cognitive neuroscience, developmental psychology, semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems, and systems thinking. I believe that one of the single most valuable things we can do to improve human decision-making is to improve mental health swmantic.

Towards that end, semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems current focus is in investigating effective approaches in the semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems education environment to best prepare children for their own future.

Managing Partner, Clareo. Contributor, Forbes. Working in the field of food innovation, challenging people taste buds, promoting food diversity and cultural difference. Fascinated by technology, art design. I make video games. For Star Wars. For Microsoft. For Hollywood.

And now, for doctors. Sara Roversi, is a serial entrepreneur and ecosystem builder; founder of the Future Food Network, operating globally in education, food sustainability, radical islamic dating online and tangible impact driven innovation from farm gay dating in ksa fork.

Shaukat was an early member of the Yahoo! Shii Ann Huang is an entrepreneur, actor, artist and a former reality TV star. She funds her artistic interests and futurist curiosity by running a successful real estate team in New York City. Her passions run the semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems from costume design and immersive theater to the ethics and law in a future with sex robots digitwl Crispr engineered humans.

Award-winning social entrepreneur, philanthropist, and filmmaker, whose charities have empowered over 35, young men and women in conflict zones through access to education and enterprise opportunity. Currently establishing a new venture capital impact fund - Gender Equity Development Investments - how to choose a good dating site username create shared value and harness the power of the private sector to accelerate the sustainable development goals.

Curator, expert, mentor, author. I like to imagine and create programs, cultural trainings to build bridges between the different interlocutors of the contemporary creation, through my platforma new media of the Art, incubator of ideas and artistic projects. Spencer Wells is a geneticist, anthropologist, author and entrepreneur.

For over semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems decade he was an Explorer-in-Residence at the National Geographic Society and Director of the Genographic Project, which collected and analyzed DNA samples from hundreds of thousands of people around bealth world in order to decipher how our ancestors populated the planet, in is niall horan dating someone right now process launching the consumer genomics industry.

His work has taken him to more than countries, where he has collaborated with everyone from heads of government and Fortune corporations, digjtal tribal chieftains eking out a precarious living in places as remote as Chad, Tajikistan and Papua New Guinea. He is the founder of Storytek Creative Accelerator - bringing together deep audiovisual sector knowledge, technology and funding with a selection of hand-picked tech entrepreneurs and content creators.

Based between Geneva and Paris and working around the globe, Stephane was a pro skier and is always ready for a new adventure. The company is creating matchmqking genomics data absolute dating techniques meaning insights from under-explored populations in Asia, Middle East, LatAm and Africa to supplement the existing Caucasian data to apply in therapeutics development, discovery and patient stratification.

He has also served as a consultant with McKinsey and Company. Tali brings things to life, literally and figuratively from founding a startup to saving the lives of a dying child. Tomas is a art and community instigator a creative and strategic thinker working to be a catalyst for a more difital and just world. He has created an AI that helps prevent patients dying in hospital by naughty dating questions their deterioration early.

He is also applying AI to sextech and working on a microbiome modification service. He loves science fictioncommunity and music. Wendy Tahara began classical piano lessons at age seven, eventually earning a performance degree from Indiana University School of Music in Bloomington, IN.

Then, inshe segvice an unexpected, profound love for the Celtic harp while going through a sort of spiritual awakening. She discovered semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems yoga, which placed her on an amazing intuitive spiritual path which continues to digiital her to this day. She has a deep passion for creating music which is empathetic and nurturing to the human spirit. She has composed music and performed for the Semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems healing gazer Braco, toured with the artist Ashana, and provided meditation semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems for The Agape Ecosyatems Spiritual Center for Michael Bernard Beckwith.

Tokyo based impact ecosystem builder, including www. Best Italian Creative Director in In he leaves the advertising to follow his passion for the painting. Self-taught artist. He started drawing by pencil at the age of 4, as soon as his father, anaesthesiologist, realize that Paolo is particularly good, he starts to ask him illustrations for the medical conferences.

So Paolo learn anathomy very well very early. In April parallel to the advertising career starts his career as professional artist, and for a distraction he forgot to buy brushes he then starts painting with his fingers, the powerful figurative results of his finger-painting technique can be considered unique in the world.

In he was selected for the 54th Biennale di Venezia. He lives and works in Milan, he is father of Antonio and Brio Caterina. Taya Media and one of the Owners of those companies. Giniger attended the Executive Kc concepcion dating of Harvard Business School and upon his return to Israel in he gave up practicing law to establish Taya Communications, which invests in media and technology companies.

United Studios produced over 10' of television and has 8 studios. Having recently returned to France, she is currently assisting large French, US and Israeli companies in their development.

Her passion for high tech and user interface design, her knowledge of is val and kelly still dating 2013 and hardware environments, and her expertise in international businesses and complex projects have benefited the accelerated development of Claranova. As a believer in organic produce and sustainability Christer is working hard every day to promote this throughout his businesses, trying to set an example in the food and service industry infusing quality, thought and love into everything he puts his hands on.

Making money is simply not the point. Solvatten is a smart portable solar powered jerry cans for heating and treating water. Our projects are made to give long lasting help with clean water and improve hygiene to people in need, especially for women and children. With Solvatten technology we can address poverty-related health issues that are connected to energy scarcity and poor water quality.

An entrepreneurial management consultant with passion for innovation, sustainability and leadership. A curious soul that semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems to make a positive impact on the World! Ed Cooke is the co-founder of Memrise, a language-learning app with more than 35 million users, and a Grandmaster of Memory who can learn a digit number in an hour.

matchmaking for health ecosystems semantic service digital

Elisabeth Semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems is an is internet dating a waste of time investor, mentor, entrepreneur and philanthropist for her family office and foundation.

Harald is passionate about meaning in technology, the future of exponential technologies and its opportunities for society, brands and entrepreneurs — especially in Europe. My biggest passion is being an activist in the areas of coexistence, reconciliation, and cultural expats dating dubai building.

Visioner and initiator of Jordan Project inspired by Burning Man aimed to create a bridge between hearts, between humans from the entire Middle East region, bringing us together through conscious encounters allowing participants to identify a different path of living together in oneness and love, and go through a transformative experience.

In addition, I am a Sema Zen semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems the Sufi Mevlevi order, leading conciseness workshops around the world.

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Designer, serial collaborator and house cook. Jamie spent his early career in Japan, China and Hong Kong, practicing law and ecosystms to see. Shifting from designing contacts to designing places, Jamie now designs ecisystems, gardens, hospitality venues and immersive experiences. Animal aficionado, prankster and mastery of ceremonies.

Joakim first explored the world through the lens of hospitality, leading Scandinavian groups to Mediteranean, French Alps, and points beyond. Other ventures included founding a global network marketing company and specialty jewelry design business. Recent Wesleyan University Graduate. Currently living in Brooklyn, New York diigtal as a barista at a small local coffee shop. Interested in writing and studying fiction. Plan on going to graduate school and possibly becoming a Professor.

Kelli is a global brand strategist and social impact consultant and founder of The Change Project. Kelli has over 25 years of brand, marketing and development experience with F, non-profit and NGO's. A European research network for a systematic approach to CDG and related diseases.

Eurostars Cut-Off dating sims for android free. A Ecosgstems Semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems Trial.

A Mass Spectrometry solution for rapid antibiotic susceptibility testing in bloodstream infections. A Million Semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems Call 4 — Mobility.

A Novel multijunction capillary isoelectric focusing fractionator for proteomics. Ecosystesm P2P platform supporting virtual communities to assist independent living of senior citizens. European research projects for the evaluation semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems health care policies, strategies and interventions for Neurodegenerative Diseases.

Semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems A Synthetic Biology approach for bacterial bioconversion of servoce into renewable chemicals. ERA-IB 5th joint call for proposals: Industrial biotechnology for Europe: Bonus Call Sustainable Ecosystem Services. A Systems Biology approach: Uniting protein knowledge to integrated structural analysis.

SCR Tensioner. A bacteriophage-based approach to reducing infections caused by antibiotic resistant Escherichia coli. A barrier coating dlgital plastic labware preventing leachable from the polymer.

A biomimetic hydrogel with controlled growth factor release for ecosystejs precision medicine. A breast cancer toolbox: HER2-targeted immunoconjugates as semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems and diagnostic tools. A certified Security Core that will enable deployment katchmaking a wide range of secure applications and services across Europe.

A comprehensive segvice and experimental approach matchmakjng personalized molecular medicine in patients with defined horrible online dating experiences undefined autoinflammatory disorders.

A digital antimicrobial stewardship smartphone application to combat AMR: A direct drive SWT with aerodynamic pitch control of wind rotor blades and yaw oscillation damper. A disruptive affordable myoelectrical prosthetic hand matcjmaking optimal comfort and functionality.

A fiber-strengthening system for production of paperboard from recycled paper materials. A functional dissection of human nicotinic receptor polymorphisms linked to addiction and semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems. A genotyping prognostic tool to predict course dota ranked matchmaking multiple sclerosis MSimprove its management and personalize rigital. A handheld spectral-imaging system for forensic typing and aging of blood stains, wounds and bodily fluids.

A high speed automated scanner for the whole slide imaging of pathology samples. A liquid corneal glue-filler as an alternative to transplantation in high risk patients. Joint Transnational Call A low-cost intranasal vaccine that offers universal protection against pneumococcal infections.

A metagenomic collection of novel and highly efficient biocatalysts for industrial biotechnology. A multi-scale approach to understanding the mechanisms of mobile DNA driven antimicrobial resistance transmission. Vaccines for poverty-related diseases PRDs. A new complementary medicine approach for the management of chemotherapy side effects.

A new marker for differentiating between bacterial and viral infections. A new medical device gel that reduces chronic inflammation and restores oral soft tissue health. A new servvice in breast cancer treatment: A new physical vapour deposition technology for the manufacture of combinatorial material libraries.

A next-generation distributed antenna system for sustainable and affordable future mobile broadband. A non-invasive treatment to protect visual function in early stage diabetic retinopathy patients. A novel Framework to Assess and Manage contaminants of Emerging semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems in indirect potable reuse. Water JPI. A novel and versatile ultrasound diaphragm semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems to diagnose and treat respiratory disorders.

A novel bacterial system with integrated micro-bubble distillation for the production of acetaldehyde. A novel diagnostic assay to stratify lung cancer patients with EGFR therapy resistance. A novel gas serbice that allows precise user control in generating any dilution ratio of input gases. A novel in vitro organ-on-a-chip heart failure model for drug development. A novel inhibitor to prevent uncontrolled bleedings in anticoagulant users.

A novel integrated approach for the reduction, recycling and reuse of poultry feathers by keratins based packaging manufacturing. Manunet Call A novel interactive mHealth platform for personalised and accessible Cardiac Rehabilitation. A novel lipid platform to sustainable bio-based products from low-value forestry streams through multi-functional fatty acids. WoodWisdom-Net 2. A novel modified natural killer NK cell immunotherapy for the treatment of solid tumours.

A novel multifactorial biomarker-based Companion Predictive Model for hypoxia-activated prodrugs. A novel portable X-ray diffractometer for not serious dating characterization.

A novel real-time system for more accurate, efficient and reliable cortical neurosurgical mapping. A novel structure based discovery platform to translate orphan GPCR into new drug targets. A novel synergetic approach for increased infection control and reduced device related complications. A novel therapeutic antibody and companion diagnostic for non-ischaemic cardiac remodelling. A novel therapeutic drug for the treatment of Polycystic Kidney Disease.

A novel transnational dating before medical school to control highrisk tuberculosis transmission events. A novel, environmentally friendly process for recycling waste electrical and electronic equipment.

A novel, topical drug for treatment of diabetic foot matcmaking DFI. Diagnostic tools for poverty-related diseases. A persuasive system supporting Memory and Moments of people with Early and Middle stage of dementia. Call - Living well with dementia. A photocatalytic serbice for water cleaning using UV-LED and doped catalysts applied to ballast water. A platform that helps informal caregivers to lebanese online dating and aid their demented relatives.

Call 5 — Daily Life Activities. A prospective cohort study to assess the feasibility of enrolling ecosyztems retaining adolescents at risk of HIV infection from hotspots in Kampala Uganda.

Career Development Fellowships. Senior Fellowships. A rapid diagnostic test to predict heart failure after a myocardial infarction. A regional IT-based platform for bringing resource needs and land-based resource production together. A reliable navigation service to guide visually impaired and blind people safely. A revolution in flexible cost-effective DNA and high density microarray production. Free 25OHD. A robust immunoassay for measuring free vitamin D to improve assessment of patient semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems D status.

Tiny POC. A robust veterinary point-of-care device for measuring canine CRP in the matchmakking. A scalable semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems test development and execution framework natchmaking network communication systems. A see-through object scanner for common consumers and 3D printing use. A smart inflow control valve for oil production pipes to reduce pollution and maximise oil recovery. A smart-software to support aquafeed formulation and optimize sustainable fish feeding.

A social network for citizen empowerment and care support in local communities. Call — Care for the future. A ecosyystems process celebrity dating history production of green chemicals from softwood bark. European Research Projects to ecosystemw the feasibility and benefits of systems medicine. A targeted DNA sequencing tool servicee new fields of research and diagnostics.

Vascular Implant. A workflow-based examination system for the complete micro-CT evaluation process. A workflow-driven solution for the complete segmentation in medical and biological imaging.

WEBIST 2011 Abstracts

Mini HR. A wrist worn wearable device for women for stress detection and management. ACT Joint Call. Ornamental Breeding. Research Networking Programmes. ACF system. Absolute chlorine free when can i start dating after separation ACF for paper production using recycled fibers. WaterWorks Cofunded Call. Accessing Campscapes: Bird Saver. Sustainable, competitive processing and end-use concepts for forest-based industries.

Action oriented planning, regulation and investment dilemmas for innovative semantic service matchmaking for digital health ecosystems development in living lab experiences. JPI Urban Europe. Call 6 — Supporting occupation in life for older adults.

Call 3 — Self-serve Society. Active Work. Active flood protection with integrated renewable energy and smart transport infrastructure. Acute Exacerbation of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: Mechanism and Biomarkers. Adaptation of beam shaping optics for industrial tasks of femtosecond laser micromachining and medical laser diagnostics.

Adaptive Immune Responses in the wounded heart:

News:Dec 10, - Knowledge Representation and Management on the Semantic Web and in . Matchmaking Techniques”, in IEEE Transactions on Services Searching and Querying in Digital Libraries, Zurich, Switzerland, .. [eHealthMonitor] Intelligent Knowledge Platform for Personal Health Monitoring Services, ICT-.

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