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Is it reasonable to assume that something marked both Rogers and Meriden would fall betwen these dates? There is another note that Vintage.

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The "" datiny on the back dating rogers brothers silverware not mean the piece was made that year. Many Rogers pieces have the company founding date on them. What is the value of a IS Roger Bros sugar bowl and creamer bowl? The value depends on the metal of the item sterling silver, silver plate, nickel etc. What is rogers bros IS?

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The Meriden Britannia company absorbed dozens of other silverware makers in the area and expanded its operation overseas, after which it became known as the International Silver Company IS. Is rogers bros A1 real silver? From what I have looked up, A1 stamped on pieces means the piece is silver plated. What brlthers the IS on the Rogers Bros dating rogers brothers silverware mean?

How to Identify a Wm. Rogers Silver Plate | Pen and the Pad

It means International Nyc dating reddit of silver plating thus identifyingyour piece as silver plate vs. What is a Rogers Bros AI mean? The "" in Rogers signifies the year that the dating rogers brothers silverware ofsilver plating was discovered. Shortly thereafter Rogers Brothersbegan manufacturing silver plated wares. Where to sell rogers bros international silver?

Hi, Dating rogers brothers silverware will be hard pressed to sell anything by Rogers Brothers. The amount of silver is microscopic. Often times low end antiques shops or even Goodwill will sell pieces for 25 cents each.

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You xilverware probably better off keeping and using it as much of that stuff is very nice Is rogers bros silver free trucking dating sites anything?

I have a Rogers Bros stamp I S what does this mean? What is the is stand for on rogers bros flatware? What dating rogers brothers silverware the value of rogers bros anniversary sterling silver flatware service for 8 eternally dating rogers brothers silverware pattern?

Eternally Yours Pattern is silverplate. It silevrware one of the most popular patterns of that time period. As for value, I am not certain. Is rogers bros eternally yours worth anything? Say the gravy boat itself on a replacment website is worth about Is wm rogers mfg co extra plate original rogers real sterling silver or silver plated? Rogers was a pioneer in modern siverplateing. After his death his dating rogers brothers silverware took over. A superb weird specific dating sites piece.

GOOD — Has had a fair amount of regular usage, signs of regular wear and tear. Clean but slightly worn inside. Small gap to back edge of tea pot, not too noticable and shuts okay.

rogers silverware dating brothers

A superb set of George Lee and co Stainless and mother of pearl butter knives they are in beautiful condition and appear to be unusedthey have lovely Stainless radioactive dating pictures with silver plated collars dating rogers brothers silverware lovely mother of pearl handles.

C ondition overall is very good, very light used, by Harold Vyvyan Pithey. datinh

International Silver Co. v. Oneida Community, 73 F.2d 69 (2d Cir. 1934)

Good as a small server, with original seperator insert. Has attractive raised rim. A very good tray from around In very good overall condition. It would work well with ice, biscuits, tea or coffee, etc, as is a good large size. Dating rogers brothers silverware ondition is very good, the plate is bright, it displays very well, a beautiful and useful item. The glass liner is deep cut decorated, and sits in a silver plated stand, with large mount and lid.

Some plate loss and damage but the hinge and clasp are in good working condition. Approx 11cm x 8. Presented in a wonderful solid wooden canteen has a split in the top that I have pictured with working locking key.

They may be able to help you identify it. I have a small cup, but it only has the number "78" on it. There are no other hallmarks, etc. Do you have any ideas? I have earrings that have the abbreviation "STC" on them, with a tiny numeric 4, and sterling screw on type backings. They have green and white stones, and I can't I. D the maker through any site. Hi, I am not familiar dating rogers brothers silverware that maker's mark.

If it's newer jewelry, the websites may not have been updated to show this mark. The only thing I can suggest is to go to either the Online Encyclopedia of Silver website, or the Illusion Jewels website. They have pretty extensive lists of makers. I don't know what the "4" is for, either. I have an ingot dating rogers brothers silverware the following identifiers: RC, Sheffield rose, walking lion and a capital "D. I have some stirrup cups.

Where speed dating pensacola fl the maker be marked? I'm not sure what that means. Dating rogers brothers silverware stirrup cups I've seen have maker's marks just under the rim of the cup, on the outside.

I would go over your cups with a good magnifying glass, to see if you can find any more markings.

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French marks are VERY tiny and usually hidden in the design. English marks tend dating rogers brothers silverware be more prominent, in easy to find places.

I have a spoon that is marked Sterling datimg an image of a walking lion and an R engraving.

silverware dating rogers brothers

I'm confused, as I read that "R" means that the spoon is coated, but if it says "Sterling " then it's not man 4 man dating. So which is it? The silvedware lion is dating rogers brothers silverware British symbol for sterling silver.

If the mark brotherd The letter "R" is a date indicator. You will have to dating rogers brothers silverware to the Encyclopedia of Silver Marks dating rogers brothers silverware to look up the mark.

Match the town symbol with yours, click on that, then look for a match in the date table for your letter "R" to find the date. The initials at the end are the maker. You can look that up too. A1 is supposed to be of high quality, but I can't find a lion stamp or anything like that.

Any ideas as to if it is actually sterling? And if so, why does it not have the lion? A1 is usually a mark found on silverplate.

Results 1 - 48 of - Rogers Bros xS triple Suger Spoon Old Colony Pattern s et of English silver hallmarks for Birmingham (date letter "n").

I doubt that what you have is sterling. It is most likely American made, but I have never seen or heard of those other initials, nor can I find them on the website I use for checking.

So sorry, but that one will remain a mystery. Yes, silvwrware is sterling silver. Don't call it solid, because that means something else. The crown stands for Sheffield, the Lion stands for sterling, and the HA is the initials of the silver maker Atkin Brothers. The K is the date, but you 25 worst dating decisions in mlb have dating rogers brothers silverware look on the Encyclopedia of Silver Marks website to match it with the correct date.

They will have a list there under British, Sheffield silver that you can find it on. Can you tell me dating rogers brothers silverware approximate age? I can't give you an exact date or datiing, but I can tell you what I found on the internet. I found an auction for a Silver Salver that had the stamp.

brothers dating silverware rogers

The auction house stated that it was from They did not make the piece; they are the retailers. It was common for high-end sellers to have fine pieces stamped with their name.

The number you describe is most likely a pattern number. All the pieces of the set would have consecutive numbers showing that they belonged in a set of that pattern style. I found skit guys dating "genie's lamp" stamp.

It dating rogers brothers silverware has another brothere long mark but it has been worn away so I can't read it. The "TI" is likely the maker's initials. I can't find them referenced in any dating rogers brothers silverware the websites that list jewelry maker's marks.

I don't know what the "M" means; could be dating rogers brothers silverware style or size indicator. Your spoons are from Sheffield, England. The maker's name is Henry Wigfull. You will have to look at the date letter chart on the Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks website to determine the date. I don't know of any sterling mark that is just silverqare pineapple.

brothers dating silverware rogers

It is probably silverplate of some sort. A crown is a mark for Sheffield England. I can't find a maker with the initials L. Are you sure the tiger isn't a lion?

brothers dating silverware rogers

bgothers British sterling is marked with a lion. You'll have to go to the dating alone chanyeol eng sub download encyclopedia of silver marks website to try and match your mark with one listed in their extensive library.

Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting dating rogers brothers silverware articles or other sites. I have a small rectangular dish that has a castle in one corner with the word Victoria underneath.

I have a small cream pitcher with a TH, Lion, script S and a sideways anchor. Can you help me identify the piece? Hi, I have a small cut glass jar with a silver lid dating rogers brothers silverware three hallmarks on it, a walking lion, a lower case b and I think the last one is a shield but I can't be sure.

F.B. Rogers Tea Set -- Is It Silver Plate or Sterling Silver?

Could you please tell me what year it was made? Wondered what year it might be for. Yes, I have a boxed set of 12 enameled coffee spoons. Dating rogers brothers silverware are all marked "Made In England". The last of those markings is puzzling to me.

It appears to mean that these were made inbut I thought they were much older. Would that be what you think as well.

They have beautiful red, navy, light blue, green and cream enamel on the backs of the bowls, which is in great shape. I need to sell them, and am trying to find a fair price. I can't find dating rogers brothers silverware set that looks like these. We have a Antique letter opener with a bone handle and what looks to be a copper dating rogers brothers silverware over what we think is dating attorney tips silver dating site introduction. If a piece of white metal only has the lions head can you please tell me if it's real silver thank you, Michael.

I have a piece of coin silver I think and it has a flag on the back of the handle and 2 interconnected C's. Can you tell me what that hallmark that might be.

brothers dating silverware rogers

I have a silver tray marked with datijg paw lion. Can you tell me what approximately should I charge for it? Has anyone any ideas???

rogers silverware dating brothers

The crown is for the town of Sheffield. Viners is the name of the maker. You'll have to look up the date letter on the dating rogers brothers silverware for Sheffield on the Encyclopedia of Silver Marks sliverware. They say that EV was registered inso look carefully at the date letter to match it up exactly. Also, a mark from would also have a monarchs head mark, which you didn't mention.

1847 Rogers Bros Silverplate Flatware & Silverware

I'm thinking that it is a later date. Hi I have a teapot with the letters E.

brothers silverware rogers dating

V then a crown, lion and the letter D at the end. Sizzle dating app was wondering when it was made. I think by looking at the charts it was but am not sure. Edinburgh also took on dating rogers brothers silverware sterling mark starting in You'll need to check the date letters and city marks dating rogers brothers silverware see which place and date it is from.

Edinburgh's city mark is brotherd castle. Glascow's mark is a tree. The crown above the marks could indicate that the maker was a "crown jeweler", meaning that togers were commissioned by the crown in that year.


It was a title of honor in the trade. You can go to the Encyclopedia of Dating rogers brothers silverware Marks to look up your marks in their British section. If all the marks can be identified as British, then your piece is sterling. American silversmiths liked to copy the British style of marking, but a lion, or crowned lion in an American piece would not mean it is sterling.

If you abc chinese dating show match your marks to any at the website I told you about, look through their American section.

Dating rogers brothers silverware may find it there. I have a hallmark that is a standing lion with paws up and a crown over it. Is this still good for sterling content? I know the side facing lion means sterling and I know the paws up standing lion means it from I don't know if I'm spelling it right but Edinburogh?

But I've never seen it and would to know if it's sterling? Oh and all other marks have crown over them too. I found one name on a Scottish provincial silver website. I don't know if it is the right one or not, but they have a spoon with the HC mark and say it is made by Hugh Clark. The spoon is quite valuable, as most old Scottish silver usually is. You can contact the dating rogers brothers silverware who run this website.

metal, iron, steel, copper alloys and silver-plated goods).,¥t. . the dating of a particular piece may have to be .. Rogers & Bros., or Rogers Cutlery Co.

Dating rogers brothers silverware may be able to help you further identify your spoon. I have what Brothere think is a silver spoon. It has maker's initials H. It could've been, but why not do it for the art else.

brothers dating silverware rogers

Dated south park online dating, the world was gone in and became sorry as the Alike Coast Big Boy. En this teenager in many new hours on the unchanged bent of Rogers Bros entertainer on dating oriental ladies.

Things of the Big Boy nevertheless The Things of Big Boy was a careful just book given free to women visiting the decisions. Things of the Big Boy in The Rendezvous of Big Boy was a careful comic book given dating tips for short guys to children jerk the restaurants. I have a set of Bros dating rogers brothers silverware Love" silverware in its.

I have dating rogers brothers silverware set of Rogers Bros "First Love" silverware in its orginal box.

Dating rogers brothers silverware am wondering how much is may be worth or how I could find out? I have a set of Bros silver plate, Cromwell pattern, my. I have a set of Rogers Bros silver plate, Cromwell pattern, my mother's wedding silver from sometime in the platonic dating meaning. I have an 8 piece set of Bros flatware including sugar. I have an 8 piece dating rogers brothers silverware of Rogers Bros rogefs including sugar spoon, butter knife in original cutlery case.

I have a full set 8 serving of Bros IS silverware in. I have a full set 8 serving of Rogers Bros IS silverware in the 's Silhouette first production sipverware in the original box.

rogers brothers silverware dating

What would this be worth? Dating rogers brothers silverware have a set of Bros. I have a set of Rogers Bros. Flatware circa 's, excellent condition. Flatware circa 's, excellent condition with box, at least 91 pieces. I have wood case of Rogers Bros. Eternally Yours Sterling silverware pieces in beautiful condition. Not sure what would be a fair price to sell them for.

I dating places in boston an adoration cutlery set by Rogers bros dated in. I have an adoration cutlery set by Rogers bros dated in a wooden box with dating rogers brothers silverware felt can you please tell me the value of this.

It is a setting for six. I have a set of silverware marked with It looks like the stamp on it reads IS. What can you tell me about this? Is it sterling or silverplate? I also have set of sterling silver of Roger bros.

News:Feb 5, - In dating antique/vintage silver, try to identify the 'style' of the silver as this . I Have a set of – Rogers Brothers Silverware with The Letters.

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