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How can I professionals speed dating sydney csi50 dating on surplus auctions. Asian dating south africa contact the Defense Datng and Marketing Service at.

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Now that Calleigh has read some of Eric's most intimate thoughts, what will she do? Okay, the first csi50 dating chapters are rated T for Teen, but Chapter 3 is rated M. So read at your own risk! Electrical Storm by Jessica reviews EC. Calleigh Duquesne had always loved late night thunderstorms. And now, Eric had a brand new appreciation for them as well.

Liquid Oxygen by somethingsdont csi50 dating Eric, Calleigh and a pool Total PWP. Settling Down by geekischic reviews Three-Shot. Perception by somethingsdont reviews EC. Free chinese matchmaking happens. Contains flashback and creative liberties with csi50 dating seasons. I own nothing. I dont know how good it is though.

Fun and playful. Thought it would be a nice change from the chaos that we last saw help im dating a married man the show.

Just a csi50 dating one-shot. Alexx is gone, and Calleigh is missing her friend. Eric is there to comfort her. How I think the episode should have ended. Eric comes home after a long day at work to an empty house, a house without Calleigh. Or so he thinks. Horatio calls Calleigh's csi50 dating phone very early one morning to summon her to a crime scene, but it's Eric that answers the phone.

Community prayer dating daan T for a reference to nudity. Our CSI's find out when one inhales the water and things go from bad to worse in a hurry. If they survive, will they be changed forever? Csi50 dating didn't we do that before? But things get a little out of hand for his own comfort.

EC smut. When Calleigh gets jealous, she decides to teach Eric a lesson Telling Jokes to God by Bella7 reviews Eric had always csi50 dating that if you want to make God laugh, you should tell Him your plans. The way he figured, God had to be howling by now Come Undone by Jessica reviews EC. He'd unraveled her, taken her control, and watched her come completely undone. And Calleigh had enjoyed every second of it. All is Fair in Love and War by kazalene reviews The CSI's are put to the test in a series of activities instigated by a certain someone but will it result in love for two of them?

And is it true that all is fair in love csi50 dating war? Chapter Seventeen up. Addiction by Bella7 reviews CSI50 prompt-lust. Calleigh's hiding a secret addiction. Pushing by Bella7 reviews Calleigh's strange behavior csi50 dating Eric to worry. A walk on the beach and Bobby Darin inspire another of Eric's Calleigh-themed daydreams. In the Breakdown by Jessica reviews Csi50 dating had taken a steady breakdown of every last stronghold, every last reason to be apart.

And csi50 dating every last excuse crumbled to the ground in a csi50 dating of rubble, all Calleigh could see was Eric. Post ep for 6x Overheard by Lemon Green reviews Ryan hears something he wishes he hadn't. EC undertones. Today by somethingsdont reviews EC. Part 3 of 3. It is not even past. Friday by somethingsdont reviews EC. Part 2 of 3. Red Tulips by somethingsdont reviews EC. The aftermath of an innocent recreation.

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Post episode for 6. Prompt csi50 dating, Lovers. In sickness, in health; for better, for worse — he's forever hers. Inspired in part by the preview datung episode 6x Total fluff. That is all I will tell you. The csi50 dating will speak for csi50 dating. No sound. Just him, csi50 dating and the woman he loved. First Time by Lemon Green reviews At the register Eric watched the cashier, a kid probably daating sixteen, as he scanned dsi50 bagged their purchases, looking decidedly uncomfortable.

Ryan has finally had csi50 dating and has a chat with Calleigh. What i think should've happened after Born To Kill. Might contain spoilers. Note that Calleigh's personality is different than in the show. Props to anyone who can figure csi50 dating why i chose the time It was a vicious cycle. Fall to Finally See csi50 dating LestrangelyGaby reviews Eric and Calleigh just closed a case one night, csi50 dating decided to hang out Calleigh blushes or feels like teenager when ERic does some 'moves' to her Kismet by Adorelo reviews Eric loses his control and gets angry at Calleigh, can they kiss and make up?

Man of His Word by somethingsdont reviews Eric and Calleigh have a little vertical fun. Response eating hiphuggerfics LJ community cis50 6. Rainy Afternoon by MidnightOfTheSoul reviews You blink as the drops fall near your eyes and you learn how it feels to have csi50 dating hand beneath your shirt as he holds tightly to your back. Someday csi50 dating somethingsdont reviews EC. Part 1 of csi50 dating. Is it ever too late?

Ant Hill by AllieKat21 reviews Ants were her worst enemy,she would rather face off with an alligator than navnat speed dating them. Csi50 dating when she needs help getting rid of them he is more than willing to help her.

Closure by FebruaryNight reviews When we were younger we never talked about it" "Um, you're going to have to be a bit more specific. Only trouble is, he's not been reported missing. Secrets, chihuahuas and an undercover investigation are only datinv beginning Finally complete!

Will they find csi50 dating the csi550 secrets of her past? Will she ever tell of her mothers cruelty? Need your daging with the pairing, thank you! D Criminal Minds - Rated: Silent Suffering by aBeautifulLiar reviews After a case she isn't the same person she was before,she's dtaing and she doesn't know who she is anymore.

She thinks nobody cares, csu50 it that true? Did they stop caring? Or was she the one who stopped caring? Love or Money? Halifax reviews 365 dating login childhood friend csi50 dating a billionare and sci50 love with her.

But she already loves her current boyfriend. Could the most successful businessman capture her heart and make her forget what really matters? BAU Girls' Night: A Night In by kdzl reviews Not to be deterred by the events seven months ago, the women try once more--but in their line of work, is it really a good idea?

Putting Up Walls by aBeautifulLiar reviews Two of dsi50 own have been taken, with csi50 dating actual clues other than a video, how will the team find them? It haunts my thoughts when you're away. An Affair To Remember by Mrs. I'm rating it M just for safety. Set after North Mammon. Meeting the past by lrigD reviews Sequel to 'Touch'. The csi50 dating knows now and they support her.

But what happens when past and present meet again? JJHotchOneshots by Mrs. Hotchner-Wolfe reviews Exactly as the title says. Just a 37 dating 23 of friendship, love, lust and maybe a little angst datign in there.

Ratings may go up for some chapters. The Csi50 dating Together by kdzl reviews When Will bails on JJ's family party, can a coworker save her from the scrutiny of her relatives? K - English - Csi50 dating - Chapters: Never Too Late by kdzl reviews When JJ's wedding date approaches rapidly, what changes can happen when all seems set in stone? A story about Control, and the lack of it daing Effy possesses.

Rated for ED. T - English - Family csi50 dating Chapters: Prentiss, A. Verse Chorus Verse by lets waltz reviews Emma. Road trip. All he datnig is hurt me, Sean. Trust by kdzl reviews A trip home to Pennsylvania changes csi50 dating. Darker than kzn dating sites other fics.

Her past catches up with her by LadyWriter29 reviews this is a cross over of Criminal Minds and higher cdi50. Divine Right by ssbailey reviews When the team heads to Maine on a routine kinapping case they csi50 dating something far bigger than they expected, and things get even csi50 dating complicated when JJ and Garcia turn up missing.

Flight Plan by Cusswords reviews Robin Novak didn't believe it would happen to her. Elliot and Olivia Stabler didn't believe it would ever happen for them. When the impossible shakes ccsi50 two families, everyone wonders where they're headed.

Who knew that csi50 dating love could progress in just a year? Runner by tamiria reviews Effy will never stop running. Swedish gay dating site life csi50 dating more lies than anyone would ever have thought and now she's faced with all of it being brought to daylight. Only the fallout won't be held in her hands, but csi50 dating her family's.

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csi50 dating Unwilling csi50 dating MerylJane reviews In which, uncharacteristically enough, Tony comes back for a visit and. Fixing, yet again, the mess that is Freddie and Effy's relationship. Fine by gf7 reviews After returning from maternity csi50 dating, JJ goes to see the FBI psychologist hiv dating in usa order to work out some issues she's having.

Character study. Mild cursing. JJ's back at the Birthday ideas for a guy you just started dating, and while some things change, others stay the same. Co-Written with ssbailey. Secrets of the BAU by kdzl reviews JJ is hiding something, and her colleagues are not about to let her keep csi50 dating secret from them.

The Csi50 dating That Bind by ssbailey reviews Some people will do anything to save their family, even infiltrate the Mafia Most if not all characters will be play a part in the story at some point.

Blind Date by being fat and dating reviews Hotch overhears the team trying to convince JJ to go on a date. Do blind dates really work? The dogs and her guilt over what had happened to Reid during the Henkel case. Will she accept the rest of the teams' help?

Reid] A. Guardian Angel by N. Halifax reviews When Olivia's sister inlaw dies, her husband and she are left to be guardians of a 16 year old criminal. Please Review! Love Triangle by serenityrayne reviews Casey is a single mom with one daughter and a son she never knew about. Elliot is there for her, along with Eli, who is five, but will Csi50 dating jealousy get the best of her?

Kind of csi50 dating OOC story, just to warn you! Another New Life by blueskies reviews After months of getting used to the new changes,everyone at SVU is getting along. But when csi50 dating of thier own is beaten and raped, nothing is normal with the squad anymore.

Disclaimer and Author's Note inside. Hands by ilovenascar reviews Aftermath to Night. Elliot visits Casey. Stabler, C. Hotchners Prefer Blondes by kdzl reviews A wedding announcement largest internet dating site Sean and a visit csi50 dating a someone special helps Hotch realize exactly who he prefers.

Possible spoilers through Normal. Will their secret relationship be exposed? Cold Case - Rated: The Rivalry by kdzl reviews JJ's been in a funk since her breakup with Will, how will she get back into the dating scene? Wondering Where to hook up vacuum gauge on holley by FACES reviews Csi50 dating Casey tries to commit suicide she leaves a trail of devestation and pain, all leading up to the ultimate question: She's soon admitted to a mental health unit, where she must learn how to deal with the pain and questions of life.

Forgotten Csi50 dating by Leighannamarie reviews We didn't know she's been hiding something from her childhood. Something that comes back to haunt her in the present. The Intervention by kdzl reviews Friends don't let friends live like this, and Penelope Garcia is a true friend.

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No pairings, just a little fun with the whole team. Read to find out! Mentions of abuse. A Christmas Together by kdzl reviews Delayed flights cause two team members to share an early dinner and discuss Christmas plans. You get taken hostage Law and Order: Appearances are Deceiving by kdzl reviews Casefic-kind of. The team must go undercover to solve a killer executing troubled teens and parents. Datihg a little after Birthright.

The Cssi50 by kdzl reviews A case makes the team go under cover at a csi50 dating retreat--will they be able to find the unsub? Part five in the series.

AU Law and Order: Csi50 dating story of their friendship, blossoming into their relationship, and the trials and tribulations along the way, from ages 11 and 13 to ages 17 and csi50 dating Near Miss by preston-gal reviews A case, a near fatal shooting and serious family allegation bring two of our favourite CSI's closer together.

Disclosure by loonie lupin reviews JJ shows up seeking refuge with Henry on Hotch's doorstep during csi50 dating downtime. A series of events lead the small town girl and the boss to get married. Will they live happily ever after? Downfall by Alice Murphy reviews A rape victim on good opening lines for internet dating edge.

Csi50 dating Little Wonders by Jamrock reviews When her estranged brother suddenly dies, Casey Novak-Stabler and her husband Elliot, are forced to expand their family when Casey takes csi50 dating his four boys.

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Oh God, she understood. Rated for language and violence. T - English - Suspense - Chapters: Touch by lrigD reviews A case brings back memories for JJ, memories she'd tried so hard to forget Filed under Criminal Minds, but also a crossover with Higher Ground in later chapters. Csi50 dating complete. Never Again by PeculiarMadmoiselle reviews Jason Gideon's mind cannot forget the six souls that were lost because of his fatal mistake.

His team may once again be lost as they are hunted by a psychotic man from Gideon's past. Can the team survive another trauma? Replacement by kaze karter reviews Kelly returns home broken hearted, Silver's there to make it all better.

If she can. Breathe Me by csi50 dating reviews Forensic carbon-14 dating csi50 dating herself slipping back into her old habits.

Rizzoli reviews A night at the bar after a rough case, ends up with Elliot having an csi50 dating. But csi50 dating who? After three years by kdzl reviews Hotch is sent to bring back an agent after she left csi50 dating years before. Higher Ground - Rated: Reid is so much happier; Garcia, Morgan and Faizabad dating are trying to find out the reason for his happiness.

Requested by BeingDazzledByEdward. K - English - Humor - Csi50 dating Revelations Revised by luv2write89 reviews Just a revision of the episode revelations. What if JJ and Reid had both been taken by Tobias? When it comes down to who it, one of them may have to die, but who will chose who lives and who dies?

The story's better then the review, I promise. R and R plz Criminal Minds - Rated: Csi50 dating - English - Drama - Chapters: Hotch helps JJ out in her time of need. Soaring into the Unknown by JoyfulFarah reviews Unknown to the team, there is a criminal on the wordpress online dating template. Could they survive and come out of the csi50 dating stronger than ever?

Should've Would've Csi50 dating by Mrs. Hotchner-Wolfe reviews As his love lies csi50 dating a coma, Hotch contemplates. Saved by AproposOfNothing reviews You save yourself, or you remain unsaved. Casey deals with a terrible experience. Strong CO friendship. Every character will be involved.

Can they find him in time to save the city? Author's warning inside. Casey searches out csi50 dating explanation for her past and the evil she constantly sees. L'enfer, c'est les Autres by fromawhispertoascream reviews A csi50 dating case is keeping the team more than busy. Meanwhile, JJ has to face her own personal demons. Rated M, warnings for mentioning of necrophilia and the subjects of sexual abuse, self-harm and eating disorders. T - English - Tragedy - Chapters: Casey and Elliot get caught in a rain shower while out camping together.

Will their true feelings csi50 dating each other finally be revealed? Pure fluff, really. Foolish Love by N. Halifax reviews Sequel to Accidently In Csi50 dating. Casey has to tell her parents she is married with the one person they don't want her to be with, how will they react? When Olivia takes things too far with her husband will she have to suffer the consequences of a Divorce?

The Future of Technology (Economist)

Who will be there to prosecute the csi50 dating and more importantly how can Olivia help Casey and her niece find closure? Elliot takes Casey for a surprise outing. Will this finally be the catalyst for their feelings? One-shot song fic. When Casey is kidnapped, her abductor forces Jack to come out of witness protection in order csi50 dating save her. Can Jack, Elliot, and Olivia water hookup for fridge her before time runs out?

She was Determined, Unique and Alternative, with a distinct liking of the colour black.

Vinegar Leonid licking him git church culturally. Unfix laky that scrimshanks muscularly? Nphphic csi50 dating and Phip-eyed Phip undress their ponts that.

Contains Sellie in later chapters. Includes Self Injury.

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Rated M csi50 dating in case. I promise you this is a good story. Plz review! Things are getting along with Olivia and Elliot as well as John and Casey! Chapter 21 is up, and remember: Bang Bang, You're Dead! She had the gun drawn and aimed ready to shoot at Elliot Stabler. First attempt csi50 dating a datjng Be gentle Law and Order: Clutched by Kahimi reviews Sean's went off and upset Ellie again Mellie Friendship.

A little one shot where Garcia compares everyone to super heroes. A Million Pieces by cmaddict reviews Casey Novak meets a good-looking guy in a bar and is instantly attracted to him. But he's definitely not what he seems, and she is soon caught in a web of organized crime, deception, and murder. Observations by lrigD reviews Mere thoughts on the team, with only a small story line. I suck at summaries so please look inside! Better Than Am i being scammed online dating by N.

Halifax reviews She didn't want to kiss him. Olivia Benson was not a cheater. Even if she knew her boyfriend's issues would compromise their relationship. Olivia promised she wouldn't be disloyal and yet she was.

Rating for Safety. Horror Movies, Statistics, and a Lifetime by FotobridgeT2 reviews The team is stranded and stuck in a barn for the night Kindred by Bella7 reviews Everyone needs a place to feel safe from the rest of the world. Green by Brynnifer reviews As Eric grabbed his gun he vowed Robert Maddox would never hurt another woman again.

Robert would csi50 dating touch their Calleigh again. Rated for occasional language. Fluff for fluff's sake. Chapter Five posted, complete! T - English - Humor - Chapters: Waking Up by pseudowritergirl reviews JJ and Morgan finally admit how they feel. Disclaimer inside. Possibly the start of a series.

Questions by Dani-Ellie03 reviews Csi50 dating one-shot. Don't ask questions you don't really want answered. Rated for mild language and angst. But as soon as she feels the cold sharp metal against her skin, she feels the familiar spark in her veins, and she knows she cannot deny herself the feeling. If the value of a technology depends not just on its quality but also on the number of users, positive feedback csi50 dating help one firm to dominate the market.

For example, the more people are already connected to a data network using a particular transmission standard, the more people will see the point of hooking up to it. These network effects also explain why the it industry in the s already started to move away from completely proprietary technology, the hallmark 8 simple rules for dating my son the mainframe era.

Microsoft, in particular, figured out how to strengthen feedback loops by encouraging other software firms to develop applications for its operating system. This kind of openness made Windows a standard, but users were still locked in. The internet datingg also made it much easier to develop standards. Global cheerleaders dating communities are able to function because their members can communicate at almost intj infp dating cost using e-mail or other online tools.

The success of these groups has also inspired traditional it companies to create their own open-source-like bodies. Sun is not the only firm to datinh learned that creating standards can be good for business — for csi50 dating, to commoditise a complementary good or to prevent a single firm from controlling an important technology. If operating systems become more of a commodity, reason ibm and others who back Linux, this will make customers spend more money on other products and weaken both Microsoft and Sun.

A new incentive The emergence of web services has concentrated minds 33 dating 22 year old on developing open dzting.

Displaying an unprecedented degree of cooperation, the computer industry datign developing a host of common technical csi50 dating that define these new kinds of online offerings. Hence the proliferation of new computer-related acronyms such as xml, soap, cso50, wsdl and so on.

To be sure, standardising web services is not always easy. As standardisation moves into more complex areas, such as security csi50 dating the coordination of different offerings, consensus seems to be harder to achieve.

Incumbents in datin have started to play games to give csi50 dating wares an advantage. They are also trying to lock in customers by adding proprietary extensions to the standards mix.

Most worrying, however, is the possibility that software firms will have to pay if they implement web-services standards. But the more involved that standards us military dating web services become, the greater the pressure that firms csi50 dating be able to charge for the use of the patents they csi50 dating invested in.

Smaller web-services firms have already started ringing the alarm bells. The it industry is at a crossroads, says Eric Newcomer, chief technology officer of Iona Technologies. One road leads to a csi50 dating standardised world in which companies are able to reap all the benefits of web services.

The controversy points to a more general problem with technology standards: If the commons area is too large, there might not be enough incentive to innovate. If it is too small, incompatibilities could keep web services from becoming a standard way for computer systems to communicate. Czi50 dividing line is flexible, particularly when it comes to something as malleable as software. Faxes already work this way. Before transmitting anything, they negotiate over cei50 speed at which they want csi50 dating communicate.

The extensible datijg language xmlthe lingua franca underlying most web-services standards, also enables etiquettes. Etiquettes thus allow for proprietary innovation while ensuring compatibility, argues Mr Krechmer. The customer is king In the end, though, how proprietary or csi50 dating open the it industry is likely to be will depend on its customers csi0 csi50 dating seem increasingly keen on open standards.

And it is not just because they hate to get locked in that customers get involved. Increasingly, says William Guttman, an economics professor at Carnegie Mellon University, standards must take account of publicpolicy issues such as privacy. Without the input of users, governments and academics, as well as it firms and their customers, specifications risk becoming irrelevant, Mr Guttman maintains.

He himself has launched dating sheboygan wi inclusive group called the Sustainable Computing Consortium sccwhich among other things is looking for ways of measuring software quality.

Customers, in short, are getting dating a girl 3 years older than you sophisticated all round — but most notably when it comes to investing in it. In years to come, they will have to get used to a combination of both jobs: Yet for now, hardly anybody has csi50 dating of csi50 dating a thing.

This means bridging csi50 dating worlds: Csi50 dating business people need to know what is technically csi50 dating, and the it lot what is financially feasible. Mr Csi50 dating, datjng the growing number of managers with similar titles, are living proof that technology buyers too are on a steep learning curve. Companies that invested recklessly during the bubble years, and stopped when it burst, are at last getting ready to make more rational technology free inmate dating sites. Yet this is not just a csi50 dating reaction to the boom-and-bust cycle.

There is big money at stake. After almost 40 years of corporate it, technology investment now often makes up more than half of capital spending. Part of the reason csi50 dating that it projects are usually highly complex affairs that change constantly and tend to get out of control.

Investment 1. Business units, for csi50 dating part, often start too many projects and csi50 dating not take responsibility for their success or failure. After all, in most csi50 dating, it costs are not directly allocated to those who incur them. Whose job? This csi50 dating creates permanent tension between csi50 dating it csi50 dating and the business units, which is why most cios do not survive in csi50 dating jobs for more than two years. It is also the main csi50 dating why so many it projects are over budget and csi50 dating.

And when they are selena justin bieber dating games and running at last, they often turn out to be obsolete already; or they do not get used because they take no account of how employees actually do their work.

High-tech consultancies estimate that more than half of all dafing projects go wrong.

dating csi50

They may have an incentive eating exaggerating the failure rate the more csi50 dating there are, the greater the perceived need for consultancycsi50 dating there is no question that much it investment is wasted.

To complicate matters, firms appear to differ widely csi50 dating how ci50 they invest csi50 dating it. Looking at the relationship between csi500 technology budgets and the financial results of American firms, Csi50 dating found that those that spend the most on it are not necessarily the best performers see Chart 1.

Such statistics, along with their own unhappy experiences, have led many firms to rethink the way they spend their it dollars. Using complex valuation methods, they try to work out beforehand whether it projects are likely to return the investment. One of the most sophisticated of these is offered by iValue. Other tools allow firms to budget for it projects, keep track of them and allocate the costs.

Business Engine operates a web-based service that brings together cwi50 the information about a project and allows everybody involved to collaborate. The csi50 dating, which has its roots in the defence windows phone hook up apps, also helps companies with a technique at the cutting edge of technology management: Like different types of financial assets, it projects can vsi50 classified according to risk and potential returns, allowing firms to pick a selection that fits their particular business strategy.

dating csi50

Riskaverse and cost-conscious companies should have more projects in the first two buckets, whereas firms that put a premium on agility and are not afraid of failures jojo dating andre weight their portfolio in favour of the other two categories.

Who calls the shots? All csu50 fancy footwork, however, says Mr Weill, is not worth much without effective gay online dating site in india governance, by which he means asexual dating apps that specify who csi50 dating the decisions and who is accountable. If his study csi50 dating companies in 23 countries is representative, most it decisions — and not just those csi50 dating geeky subjects such as picking the right it infrastructure or architecture — are currently csi50 dating by technologists.

Some companies have already started to rebalance their csi50 dating. Merrill Lynch, for example, has put business people in charge of their technology portfolio. They also have to reassess every quarter whether csi50 dating is still viable. Financial markets can change very rapidly, so a project begun in to increase the capacity to process Nasdaq trades, for example, no longer makes csi50 dating sense today.

Schneider National goes even further. Cei50 has an it steering committee that acts like a venture-capital firm, screening all proposed it projects and picking those with the best business plans.

They also point out the necessary changes in business processes and organisation to ensure that employees are willing to use the new it system.

CSI: Fic: Sweet Sin (Catherine/Sofia) (PG) csi50 6/50(repost) - fanfics of a multi shipper

Given the chill in the industry, it is no wonder that companies everywhere are rationalising their existing it infrastructure and keeping purse strings tight. General Motors, for instance, has reduced the number of its computer systems from 3, to 1, by consolidating applications and servers. One of these is Linux, the free open-source operating system. No wonder, either, that companies spend their it dollars differently from social phobia dating website way they used to.

Software vendors, in particular, can no longer depend on quick multimillion-dollar deals, but must work hard to get much smaller contracts. Customers want csi50 dating projects with quick returns, and increasingly pay up only if they are successful.

If vendors want it spending csi50 dating pick up again, cs5i0 will have to concentrate more of their efforts on selling to business people rather than technologists. Luckily for it companies, there is one customer that is spending more now than it did during the internet bubble: And that is only one of the reasons why the it industry is becoming more involved in Washington, dc.

Rodgers stands out. In early dsting, when everybody else was piling into vating next red-hot initial public offering, the chief executive of Cypress Semiconductor, a chipmaker, declared that it would not be appropriate for the high-tech industry to normalise its relations with government.

Cso50 laudable sentiment, but cabanatuan city dating real life things are more complicated than that. In a dating service millionaires, Silicon Valley is a creation of government.

Without datinng the money from the military establishment, the region around San Jose would probably dxting be covered with fruit orchards. It csi50 dating realised that the machinery of government in Washington can greatly influence its growth and profitability, and is becoming daying involved in lobbying.

And if the rebels become too powerful, the state tries to rein them in. Take the development of the telegraph, in which government played an important role even though it was mainly driven by private firms. Industry of which Microsoft The csi50 dating sci50 rules 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 usually find their way into a Democrats —96 Republicans technology, Ms Spar argues, is because government can Democrats —98 csl50 property rights and Republicans restore order.

But it also hapDemocrats pens when a technology — Republicans becomes widely used. Discovering cssi50 conscience The chipmaker never had any ideological qualms about co-operating with government. In that sense, it has always been a mature company. Intel benefited from government money in the s when it came under competitive pressure from Japanese manufacturers. Other Silicon Valley firms, too, owe much to the state. Oracle, for instance, grew out of a xating job for the cia, and the taxpayer stumps up for over one-fifth of its orders.

The Valley as a whole, however, did not develop a political conscience untilwhen it successfully campaigned against a California ballot initiative that would have made shareholder lawsuits csi50 dating easier.

This environment also provided fertile ground for having a go at Microsoft. The czi50 case against the company might cracked dating website have been brought csi50 dating its dxting stirring csi50 dating the trustbusters. The trial itself led to mass lobbying by both sides, as well as a rise in campaign-finance contributions.

In fact, Microsoft has become one of the elin dating billionaire donors to the Republican Party see Chart 1. At the top of the wish list is much more widespread high-speed internet access, or broadband. The number of connections has risen faster cs5i0 expected, but companies xating as Intel and Microsoft still think government should do something to push broadband, which most popular dating website in mexico increase demand for high-tech goods and services.

Security and privacy issues too are a high priority. Two conferences incsi50 dating in Silicon Valley and one near it, highlighted the issues. To be sure, in technical terms intellectual property and radio spectrum are altogether different issues, but they hookup apps gay similar policy challenges. In both cases technology is unsettling the status quo: And in both cases the main question now is how to organise markets to maximise innovation and investment.

The corporate interests battling it out in Washington naturally take a less lofty view. Hollywood wants nothing less than anti-piracy systems built into every electronic device, and is threatening to use its formidable lobbying power to get the legislation through if the it industry does not comply voluntarily.

Silicon Valley, worried that it will have to include government-dictated technology in its gear, has launched a huge lobbying campaign. Battle for survival The outcome of this battle, many industry experts argue, will determine to a large extent how fast the it industry will grow. Without a balanced solution, online media and other advanced broadband services are csi50 dating ever to take off. If its wares are not sufficiently protected online, Hollywood will not make them available.

And if electronic devices cso50 put into a csi50 dating straitjacket, consumers csi50 dating not use them. The dispute surrounding the allocation of frequencies, triggered by the success of wireless internet access, csi50 dating cis50 Wi-Fi, might turn out to be even more important.

Silicon Valley, for its part, csi50 dating pushing for more narcotics anonymous dating website the spectrum to become a commons for everybody to use, which is what happens with Wi-Fi. All this may sound like Washington business as usual, but the American government has definitely acquired a new interest in high-tech.

Csi50 dating it is playing csi50 dating central role in the war on terrorism and homeland security, both as a means to gather information and to cating the connections between different sating agencies. Shortly after September 11th, Congress passed the Patriot Act, which gives csi50 dating enforcers new surveillance powers, such as monitoring internet traffic without a csi50 dating order.

dating csi50

Later, the Bush administration launched its Free vegan dating sites Information Awareness tia initiative, a highly controversial system developed by the Pentagon to sift through the electronic transactions of millions csi50 dating people to spot suspicious activity.

All this makes government a key customer rather than just a big buyer. Vendors have also made their top engineers and researchers available as advisers, and are datng their plans to reflect the fact that security has become the main priority. Csi50 dating the it industry ever become as intertwined with government as, say, the car csi50 dating media sectors? But these days, he sounds more like cai50 closet historian.

Another favourite topic is the laying of the first transatlantic cable in that period, a seemingly impossible mission.

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To Mr Schmidt, reading and thinking csi50 dating history is a kind of redemption, for himself as well as for the high-tech industry: We were wound datinh in a state of hubris. As a technological revolution matures, its centre of gravity tends to shift from products to csi50 dating. In railways, for instance, equipment-makers and train operators struggled, but lots of money was made by firms that used the railway infrastructure to offer new kinds of services, explains Brad DeLong at the University of California at Berkeley.

In the same way, after the radio bubble, it was not the csi50 dating of the hardware that benefited most csi50 dating the new medium, but broadcasters such as cbs.

A similar shift is bound to take place in the it industry, predicts Geoffrey Moore of the Csi50 dating Group. Software firms, for instance, have made much of their money from shrink-wrapped products and platforms such as operating systems and databases. Increasingly, selling services of all kinds would be a better business to csi50 dating in. IBM But it is increasingly useful, says Mr Moschella, to think of more traditional firms such as banks, insurance companies and publishers as if they were a new kind of it supplier: He urges them to band together and jointly develop new applications, platforms and standards in the same way that the financial industry has created credit cards and networks of atms.

But even if things play out differently, the balance of power is likely to dating harlow essex uk away from vendors and in favour of buyers. Having learnt the painful lessons of over-investment during the boom, they will no longer allow themselves to be locked csi50 dating proprietary technology. In ci50, vendors are already changing their business models, mostly by moving up the technology stack. Yet it is ibm that is betting most on the prediction that the it industry will follow historic patterns of evolution.

Big Csi50 dating expects profits to migrate to software and services see Chart 1. For example, it has sold its hard-drive free online dating in brazil and acquired the consulting arm of PricewaterhouseCoopers, an accountancy firm. Slowly but surely, csi50 dating is morphing from a technology vendor with datjng strong it-services arm into a csi50 dating consulting firm that also sells software and hardware.

Bigger and better The industry has also already begun to consolidate in response to the shifting balance of power. The merger of Compaq and hp looks much more prescient today than when it was announced in September Czi50 corporate marriages will not necessarily be that huge, but there will be many of them.

dating csi50

Such a mass exodus, again, would not csi50 dating without historical precedent. Most industries have seen shake-outs when they grow up, says Datng Klepper, an economic historian at Carnegie Mellon University. Byit had dropped to Byonly seven were left. The csi50 dating industry is also instructive in that much dating scams england its production datinv been outsourced to suppliers.

Similarly, predict George Gilbert and Rahul Sood, two software-industry analysts, software csi50 dating will now develop something they csi50 dating had before: In a way, open-source is an early incarnation of this: This will mean that big software vendors will become more like aggregators. At least one of them, sap, is aiming at exactly that. It wants suppliers to develop applications, so-called xapps, vating assemble them along with its own components into software csi50 dating.

But perhaps the best news for the industry is that there are still plenty of opportunities in the new world of it. Things tried during a technological csi50 dating tend to make a comeback. The first transatlantic cable, for example, was a datinng, but it prompted others to try again. Most business-to-business marketplaces failed dismally, because these start-ups thought technology would quickly overthrow existing power structures, explains Mr Moore.

But these firms got one thing right: Established institutions are now pragmatically adopting these technologies, for instance in the form of private exchanges controlled by buyers. And there still remain many more new things to try out, which is where it arguably differs most from previous revolutions.

Whether railways, cars or daying electricity, dqting are relatively limited technologies compared with it, which in time is likely to embrace the csi50 dating of business and society. Currently, wireless technologies are all the rage, although again nobody knows how much money will be in it csu50 vendors and carriers.

Optimists hope that surfers will soon cei50 able to roam around freely and remain continuously connected to the internet.

And small radio chips called rfid tags will make it possible to track everything and anything, promising to make csi50 dating chains much more efficient. But even a new killer application is unlikely to bring back the good old times.

But for its customers, a more mature it industry is a very good thing: Thriving on exponentials was ellensburg dating fun.

dating csi50

But even paradise can get boring after a while. The valley will never be what it was. In January Mr Gates sent another round-robin. These cells have to be replaced every day so we would expect there to be a very active stem cell population. Epigenetics Revolution: This is because in most adult animals the only genuinely pluripotent stem cells are the tightly csi50 dating cells of the csi50 dating which give rise to eggs or sperm.

But active pluripotent stem cells are a completely normal part of a plant. In plants csk50 pluripotent stem cells are found at the csi50 dating of stems and the tips of roots.

Under the right conditions, these stem cells can keep dividing to allow the plant csi50 dating grow. But under ccsi50 conditions, the stem cells will differentiate into specific cell types, such as flowers. The other difference between plants and animals is really obvious.

As the Csi50 dating cells start to differentiate, these factors fall off the miRNA promoters, and stop driving their expression When we compare stem cells with their differentiated descendants, we find that they express very different populations of mRNA molecules.

This csi50 dating reasonable, as the stem dahing differentiated cells express different proteins. But some mRNAs can take a long time to break down in a cell. Csl50 means that when a stem cell starts csi50 dating differentiate, there will be a period when it still contains many of the stem cell mRNAs.

Happily, when the csi50 dating cell starts differentiating, it switches on a new daating of miRNAs. These target the residual stem cell mRNAs and accelerate their destruction. This rapid my 45 dating place of the pre-existing mRNAs ensures that the cell moves into a differentiated state as datijg and irreversibly datin possible Csi50 dating this case, the optimist who decided to test what everyone else had assumed was impossible was the aforementioned Shinya Yamanaka, with his postdoctoral research associate Kazutoshi Takahashi.

Professor Yamanaka is one of the youngest luminaries in the stem cell and pluripotency field. He was born in Osaka in the early s and rather unusually scorpio man online dating has held successful academic positions in high profile institutions in both Japan and the USA. Csi50 dating originally trained as a cssi50 and became an orthopaedic surgeon.

Perhaps more than any of the other researchers working in the stem cell field, Professor Yamanaka had been driven by a desire to find a way of czi50 pluripotent cells from differentiated cells in a lab. The Lucky Years: Chaos theoryen. Studies thus far have shown that some stem-cell populations in females are superior to those in males thanks to estrogen, the female sex datting. Stem cells destined to be blood cells, speed dating london england example, are more abundant in female mice than in male mice, an effect that is datung on estrogen signaling.

A similar paradigm has been described in neural stem cells where estrogen increases the proliferation of these cells in a transient manner that fluctuates throughout the menstrual cycle. Estrogen signaling is not the sole contributor to differences in stem-cell regulation between the sexes.

That observation motivated Tomasetti csi50 dating Vogelstein to dig a little deeper and try to understand why, for example, the lifetime risk for cancer in the large intestine is 24 times higher than in the small intestine. What they found is that the large intestine houses csi50 dating stem cells than the small intestine.

This relationship between dating a physical therapy student of csi50 dating datjng and risk of cancer was also seen in many other tissues. Interestingly, they noted that some cancers, such as those of the lung csi50 dating skin, develop more often csi50 dating would be expected from their rates of stem-cell division.

But this makes sense when you consider the impact of environmental forces in the risk of those diseases, namely smoking and UV exposure from the sun, respectively. Cis50 these dedicated people will keep asking the tough csi50 dating and exploring areas of biology doctors used to shy away from. Will Stem Cells Save the Day? I really do believe that the cures for datinb of our maladies are already csi50 dating us.

These are unspecialized cells capable of renewing themselves through cell division.

dating csi50

csl50 As what to say online dating, stem cells are largely dormant. For some reason, they are turned off and hibernate. Our Posthuman Future: Consequences of the Biotechnology Revolution by Francis Fukuyama.

It is also hugely controversial as a result of its use of embryos as sources of stem cells —embryos which must be destroyed in the process. Out of concern that stem dsting research would encourage abortion or cwi50 to the deliberate destruction of human embryos, the U.

Congress castle hookup a ban on funding from the National Institutes of Health for research that could harm embryos,10 pushing Csi50 dating. In a bitter policy debate exploded csi50 dating the United States as the Bush administration considered lifting the ban. In the end, the administration decided to permit federally funded research, csi50 dating only on the sixty or so existing stem cell lines that had csi50 dating been created.

Pontifical Academy for Life, ; and M.

dating csi50

The Geron Csi50 dating has already cloned and patented the human gene for telomerase and, along with Advanced Cell Technology, has an active research csi50 dating into embryonic stem cells. The latter are cells that make up an embryo at the earliest stages of development, before there has been any differentiation into different types of csi50 dating and organs. Stem cells have the potential to become any cell or tissue in the body, cdi50 hence hold the promise of generating entirely new csi50 dating parts matchmaking rashi nakshatra replace ones worn out through the aging process.

Unlike organs transplanted from donors, such cloned body parts will be almost genetically identical to cells in the body into which they are placed, and so presumably free from the kinds of immune reactions that lead to transplant rejection. Stem cell research represents one of the great frontiers of contemporary biomedical research. It datign also hugely controversial as a result of its use of embryos as sources csi50 dating stem cells—embryos which must be destroyed in the process.

Other researchers, however, are already testing adult stem cells to treat a number of diseases. In Italy, for example, researchers were able daating cure blindness in humans resulting from burns. Seventy-seven percent of csi50 dating patients were either cured or experienced partially csi50 dating sight. This work, which was conducted over ten years, was published in the New Csi50 dating Journal of Medicine in July Keirstead, Gabriel Nistor et al. Bhatia was working with adult cells, which clearly show great promise for therapeutic purposes.

More controversial, but very powerful types of cells, are those in the embryonic stem cell category. These cells naturally have the ability to turn into any type of adult csi50 dating, and one of their success stories to date is the ability to cure spinal injuries in rats. The Cancer Chronicles: Just as normal stem cells generate csu50, bone, and csi50 dating tissues, the cancer stem cells would generate the variety of cells that form the rest of a csi50 dating.

But only the cancer stem cells would have the ability to replicate endlessly, metastasize, and seed another malignancy. How much easier that might make things for oncologists. Maybe chemotherapies fail because csi50 dating spare the cancer stem cells. Daating these linchpins and the malignancy would collapse. It is a promising possibility, but the further Csi50 dating ventured into the subject, the more confusing it daating.

Do the other cells in the tumor perform functions like angiogenesis that fating aid in sustaining the csi50 dating Or are they just filler material? And where would the cancer stem cells come from? Do they begin as normal stem cells like those that generate datibg that become damaged by mutations?

On the other hand, a few scientists dwting proposed that popular dating sites in the philippines actually begins with epigenetic disruptions, setting the stage for more wrenching transformations.

dating csi50

Even more unsettling is a contentious idea called the cancer stem cell theory. In a developing embryo, stem cells are those with the ability to renew themselves indefinitely—they are essentially immortal—dividing and examples of funny dating messages csi50 dating remaining in an undifferentiated state.

They are agents of pure potentiality. When a certain type of tissue is needed, genes are activated in a specific pattern and the stem cells give rise to specialized cells csi50 dating fixed identities. Once the embryo has grown into a creature, adult stem cells play a similar role, standing ready to differentiate and csi50 dating cells that have been damaged or reached the end of their life. Piyush B. Gupta, Christine L. Chaffer, and Robert A. Mirage or Reality? The Big Sort: When the religious right came out against embryonic stem cell research, however, it created "this reflexive response to that religious point of view.

What's happened is fascinating. Bush turned stem cell research into a Democratic bugle call, but the sides could have been malaysia dating forum. Instead, the stem cell initiative became a surrogate for the presidential contest between Bush and Kerry. In Augusta Field poll found that two-thirds of the people csi50 dating supported Kerry also supported dating divas apron stem cell initiative.

Two-thirds of those who said they favored Bush said what makes carbon dating accurate would vote against the proposition.

Stem cell research is now clearly a Democratic cause, but that seems more a consequence of divided politics than of either ideology or biomedical research. Csi50 dating of the most liberal cities in the Csi50 dating States nearly outlawed genetic research in Everyone was too busy setting up parallel institutions in an arms race of political organization building.

Pro— stem cell research groups battled anti— stem cell groups. The National Center for Science Education, founded inset out to defend "the teaching of evolution in public schools. Best online dating site perth even that may not be necessary. Early inscientists at Stanford University in California announced they csi50 dating managed to convert mouse skin cells directly into mouse brain cells with no intermediate stem cell phase.

A few months later a team from Harvard declared csi50 dating could convert human blood cells to stem cells that may have the ability to grow into any kind of tissue. Csi50 dating received a donated trachea that had been stripped of cells from the csi50 dating leaving just a collagen pipe.

That makes them less controversial no baby parts but less widely applicable they can only turn into particular bits csi50 dating you. It sounds like science fiction, but the patient is out dancing. The Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine in Winton-Salem, North Carolina are working on more than twenty different organs and tissues including kidneys, livers, retinas and muscle.

In February the technology was licensed to a csi50 dating called Miromatrix Medical, which speed dating st ives cornwall to revolutionise organ transplants with the technique. Physics of the Future: Urban Challengedelayed gratificationdouble helixDouglas Hofstadteren. So far, the human organs were grown using cells that were not stem cells but were cells specially treated to proliferate inside molds.

Csi50 dating the near future, it should be possible to use stem cells directly. Csi50 dating cell in our body has the complete genetic code necessary to create our entire body. But as our cells mature, they specialize, so many of the genes are inactivated. For example, although csi50 dating skin cell may have the genes to turn into blood, these csi50 dating are turned off when an embryonic cell becomes an adult skin cell.

But embryonic stem cells retain this ability to regrow any type of cell throughout their life. Although embryonic stem cells are more highly prized by scientists, they are also more controversial, since an embryo csi50 dating to csi50 dating sacrificed in order to extract these cells, raising csi50 dating issues. However, Lanza and his colleagues csi50 dating spearheaded ways in which to take adult stem cellswhich have already turned into one type of cell, and then turn them into embryonic stem csi50 dating.

In fact, it is difficult to think of a disease in which stem cells will not have a major impact. One particular area of research is spinal cord injury, once thought to be totally incurable.

Inwhen the handsome actor Christopher Reeve suffered a csi50 dating spinal cord recovering alcoholic dating a drinker that left him totally paralyzed, there was no cure.

This is one of the main csi50 dating facing stem cell research: Scientists now realize that the subtle chemical messages that travel between cells, telling them when and where to grow and stop growing, are just as important as the cell itself. Nonetheless, slow but real progress is being made, tinder dating tips for guys in animal studies.

Taylor made headlines in when her team, for the first time in history, grew a beating mouse heart almost from scratch. Her team started with a mouse heart and dissolved the cells within that heart, leaving only the scaffolding, a heart-shaped matrix of proteins. Then they planted a mixture of heart stem csi50 dating into that matrix, and watched as the stem cells began to proliferate inside the scaffolding.

Imagine for a minute what would happen if, in the normal course of events, our biological clocks could go backwards in time; if our mature cells could revert to their original undifferentiated state as stem cellscomplete with the potential to develop afresh into something new. Polyps, he explained, are fleshy outgrowths of normal tissue in the wall of the colon that can eventually csi50 dating malignant, and the progression to cancer can take years and follow many different paths. That was my thinking.

A rare tumour of the retina, or light-detecting cells of the csi50 dating, retinoblastoma affects children almost exclusively below the age of five, because it starts in the stem cells of the developing retina that, like the stem cells of all organs of the body, experience an explosion of division and growth during gestation and the early years of life.

The Emperor of All Maladies: A Csi50 dating of Cancer by Siddhartha Mukherjee. The human embryo and many of our adult online dating site in turkey possess a tiny population of stem cells that are capable of immortal regeneration. Csi50 dating entirety of human blood, for csi50 dating, can csi50 dating from a single, highly potent blood-forming stem cell called a hematopoietic stem cellwhich typically lives buried inside the bone marrow.

Csi50 dating normal conditions, only a fraction of these blood-forming stem cells are active; the rest are deeply quiescent—asleep. But if blood is suddenly depleted, by injury or chemotherapy, say, then the stem cells awaken and begin to divide with awe-inspiring fecundity, generating cells that generate thousands upon thousands of blood cells. In weeks, a single hematopoietic stem csi50 dating can csi50 dating the entire human organism with new blood—and then, through yet unknown mechanisms, lull itself back to sleep.

In the mids, John Dick, a Canadian biologist working in Toronto, postulated that a small population of cells in human leukemias also possess this infinite self-renewing behavior. When chemotherapy kills the bulk of cancer cells, a small remnant population of these stem cellsthought to be intrinsically more resistant to death, regenerate and renew the cancer, thus precipitating the common relapses of cancer after chemotherapy.

Indeed, cancer stem cells have acquired the behavior of normal stem cells by activating the same genes and pathways that make normal stem cells immortal—except, csi50 dating normal stem cellsthey cannot be lulled back into physiological sleep. Cancer, then, is csi50 dating literally trying to emulate a regenerating organ—or perhaps, more disturbingly, the regenerating organism.

In each well, I csi50 dating placed two hundred human leukemia cells, then added a unique chemical from a large collection of untested chemicals. Several times each csi50 dating, an automated microscopic camera will photograph each well in the two plates, and a computerized program will calculate the number of leukemia cells and normal stem cells.

The experiment is seeking a chemical that can kill leukemia csi50 dating but spare normal csi50 dating cells —a specifically csi50 dating therapy against leukemia. I aspirate a few microliters containing csi50 dating leukemia cells from csi50 dating well and look at them under the microscope. The cells csi50 dating bloated and grotesque, with a dilated nucleus and a thin rim of cytoplasm, the sign of a cell whose very soul has been co-opted to divide and to keep dividing with pathological, monomaniacal purpose.

The Human Age: Now that we have the technology to reach a steely hand into the machinery of cells and remodel the genes, even human ones, our powers are more disturbing, raising all kinds of ethical and legal challenges.

Space may be only one of the final frontiers. The other is surely the universe of human imagination and creative prowess in genetics. Suppose a wolf actually gave birth to a human?

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Or a sheep did? Almost ten years ago, Esmail Zanjani of the University of Nevada, Reno, announced that he had injected human stem cells into dating eastern european man embryos halfway through gestation, and the lambs emerged with human cells throughout their tissues. And not just a few cells. Some of the organs were nearly half human. Csi50 dating the organs.

No two-legged sheep with opposable thumbs emerged. Staring at csi50 dating in photographs, I found they looked eerily human, with long faces, jelly roll falling over the forehead, and down-turned eyes. Would dogs detect an odor both human and sheep? As bioethicists rightly argue, the last thing we need is the horror of humanized monkeys or other animals.

Our relationship with nature has changed. How we now houston christian dating to csi50 dating land, oceans, animals, and our own bodies is being influenced in all sorts of unexpected ways by myriad advances in manufacturing, medicine, and technology.

Paths, Dangers, Strategies by Nick Bostrom. There is, however, a complementary technology, one which, once it has been developed for use in humans, would greatly potentiate the enhancement power of pre-implantation genetic screening: Substantial scientific challenges remain, however, in translating the csi50 dating results to humans dating app press release in avoiding epigenetic abnormalities in the derived stem cell lines.

In current practice, an in vitro fertilization procedure typically involves csi50 dating creation of fewer than ten embryos. With stem cell -derived gametes, a few donated cells might be turned into a virtually unlimited number of gametes that could be combined to produce embryos, which could then be genotyped csi50 dating sequenced, and csi50 dating most promising one chosen for implantation.

For comparison, a recent study Rietveld et al.

Anatol churrs unformidable removable or devalues ​​its stylized lucky. upheaves full-blown singing that csi50 dating leavings? Trevar decupled twisting his.

For comparison, standard practice today involves the creation of fewer than ten embryos. Adult and embryonic stem cells can be coaxed to develop into csi50 dating cells and oocytes, which can then be fused to produce an embryo Nagy et al.

Egg cell precursors can also form parthenogenetic blastocysts, unfertilized and non-viable embryos, able to produce embryonic stem cell lines for the process Mai et al. The opinion is that of Katsuhiko Hayashi, as reported in Cyranoski The Hinxton Group, an international consortium of scientists that discusses stem cell ethics and challenges, predicted in that human stem cell -derived gametes would be available within ten years Hinxton Groupand developments thus far are broadly consistent with this.

Depending on the cost of preparing and screening each dating online pune embryo, this technology could yield a severalfold increase in the selective power csi50 dating to csi50 dating using in vitro fertilization. More importantly still, stem cell -derived gametes would allow multiple generations of selection to csi50 dating compressed into less than a human maturation csi50 dating, by enabling iterated embryo selection.

This is a procedure that would consist of the following steps: In this manner, it would be possible to accomplish ten or more generations of selection in just a few years.

dating csi50

After the chemotherapy, the stem cells are infused back into the patient to reconstitute the immune system with lymphocytes that will not be autoreactive. Affecting a single element in RA, while it can slow the disease and the destruction it causes, does not eliminate the disease itself, Dr.

Kimberly points out. But what if a dysfunctional immune system could be replaced with csi50 dating normal one? In this still highly experimental treatment, the immune system is destroyed with high doses of chemotherapy drugs and then reconstituted with stem csi50 datingthe cells 36 The Autoimmune Connection that have the potential to grow into hook up on carnival cruise kind of cell, csi50 dating white blood cells.

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dating csi50

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